HNR Issue 62 (November 2012)

Poseidon’s Spear

By Christian Cameron - Published 2012



Distraught over the death of his wife, Aristemnos — bronzesmith, warrior, and survivor of the battle of Marathon — flings himself off a cliff to ...Read Review

On the Cold Coasts

By Vilborg Davidsdottir - Published 2012


In 15th-century Iceland, Ragna Gautadottir is innocently put in an unfortunate situation when she is fourteen. Impregnated by an English sailor who then ...Read Review

The Sultan’s Wife

By Jane Johnson - Published 2012


A bewitching novel set in the 17th century, The Sultan’s Wife is an engulfing ride to exotic Morocco and into the palace ...Read Review

Lady Louisa’s Christmas Knight

By Grace Burrowes - Published 2012



Though Lady Louisa Windham has suitors, she can’t imagine marrying any of them—especially Lionel Honiton, a dandy who seems more concerned ...Read Review

The Bride Wore Blue

By Mona Hodgson - Published 2012



Vivian Sinclair is a woman with a past. She joins her three sisters in Cripple Creek, Colorado, in 1897, hoping for a new beginning. ...Read Review

The Cruel Trade

By Clifford Peacock - Published 2012


This unusual novel is set in Zanzibar in the mid-19th century, where slavery, ivory and trade from the northern ports have made ...Read Review

Isabel’s Skin

By Peter Benson - Published 2012



Book valuer David Morris is summoned to Belmont Hall to value the collection of the late Lord Buff-Orpington, a specialist in works of ...Read Review

The Lighthouse Road

By Peter Geye - Published 2012



The Lighthouse Road might best be described as a family saga, except that the families are constructed out of characters who are alone ...Read Review

The Minotaur’s Head

By Danusia Stok (trans.) - By Marek Krajewski - Published 2012



Fans of the wonderful Polish crime writer Marek Krajewski will be thrilled at this, his latest story in translation, featuring policeman Eberhard Mock. ...Read Review

The Heat of the Sun

By David Rain - Published 2012


David Rain has imagined a sequel to the story in Puccini’s opera Madame Butterfly. In the opera, Butterfly has a child, a ...Read Review

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