The Mummy of Monte Cristo

By J. Trevor Robinson - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

As in the original Count of Monte Cristo, sailor Edmund Dantès is falsely imprisoned in the notorious Chateau d’If in 1815 and ...Read Review

Upon the Malabar Coast

By Philip K. Allan - Published 2021



1803, Cornwall. Captain Alexander Clay and his crew, disbanded during peacetime, are spending idyllic days in a village. But when the news of a ...Read Review

Agustina de Aragón

By Gail Meath - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

Agustina de Aragón tells the story of Agustina Saragossa, a real-life Spanish heroine of the Napoleonic Wars. Agustina, the daughter of a ...Read Review

The Czarina’s Buccaneer

By Michael Regal - Published 2021



1787. Rodion Kazansky, one of the remnants of the Zaporizhian Cossacks after they were disbanded by Catherine the Great, finds himself in need of ...Read Review


By Eli Brown - By Karin Rytter (illus.) - Published 2021


Alternate HistoryChildren/Young Adult

Brown’s fans have to wait a long time between novels, but each one is worth it. Readers who adored his award-winning “culinary ...Read Review

Captains of the Renown (Tween Sea and Shore)

By D E Stockman - Published 2021



The second in the Tween Sea and Shore series, Captains of the Renown follows the exploits of several characters connected to the eponymous 18...Read Review

A Radical Act of Free Magic (The Shadow Histories, 2)

By H. G. Parry - Published 2021


Historical Fantasy

This well-researched novel has done a wonderful job giving historical events from the late 1700s and early 1800s, such as the Battle of ...Read Review

Searchers in Winter: A Novel of Napoleon’s Empire

By Owen Pataki - Published 2021



In 1806, a new French Empire is starting to rise, led by Napoleon, who is seeking to consolidate his power. In Paris, peace and ...Read Review

The Kingdoms

By Natasha Pulley - Published 2021


AdventureAlternate HistoryNautical

In this alternate-history adventure, Joe Tournier comes to in a Londres métro station in 1898, so named because Napoleon won the Battle of ...Read Review

Hold Fast

By J. H. Gelernter - Published 2021



Picture this: James Bond in a red coat, tight white breeches, and a powdered wig topped off with an odd mésalliance between ...Read Review

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