Balkan Glory: Thomas Kydd 23

By Julian Stockwin - Published 2020



This is the latest episode in the career of Captain Sir Thomas Kydd and his ship Tyger. The action takes place in the ...Read Review

The Eagle and the Viper

By Loren D. Estleman - Published 2021


Alternate HistoryThriller

Napoleon Bonaparte is First Consul of France, but there is a plot afoot to kill him. Written by the brilliant, award-winning Loren D. ...Read Review

Napoleon’s Run (The William John Hazzard Series, Book 1)

By Jonathan Spencer - Published 2020



This is a Napoleonic spy story set against the background of Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt. Our hero, William Hazzard, is sent to ...Read Review

The Golden Maid (The Smuggler’s Daughters)

By Evie Grace - Published 2020



This book takes us back to the Napoleonic Wars of the 18th century together with the coastal trades of smuggling, particularly in Kent ...Read Review

Larcum Mudge (Alexander Clay Series)

By Philip K. Allan - Published 2020



In 1800, mutinous plans are being hatched on the Royal Naval Sloop Peregrine as she plies the balmy waters of the Caribbean. What follows ...Read Review

The Bright and Breaking Sea (A Captain Kit Brightling Novel)

By Chloe Neill - Published 2020


Historical FantasyNautical

This, the start of a series, is historical fantasy that reimagines the Napoleonic Wars in an alternate world where magic runs along ley ...Read Review

A Promise on the Horizon

By Ann Pearson - Published 2019


A Promise on the Horizon is a beautifully written novel about two French travelers in the Napoleonic Italy of 1811. Henri Beyle, later to ...Read Review

Beyond the Ghetto Gates: A Novel

By Michelle Cameron - Published 2020


Shortly after being appointed Commander-in-chief in 1796, Napoleon invades Italy and forces the withdrawal of Austria. When he reaches the city of Ancona, he ...Read Review

The Straits of Treachery

By Richard Hopton - Published 2020



There is a style of military historical fiction which emphasises the minutiae of warfare – details of uniforms, the weapons carried, the precise way ...Read Review

In Northern Seas (Alexander Clay)

By Philip K. Allan - Published 2019



1801: The long war against Napoleon rages across land and sea.  Alexander Clay, captain of the new Royal Navy frigate Griffin, is ordered to ...Read Review

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