The Storm Sister


Ally D’Aplièse is a multifaceted young woman – musician and skilled sailor – who signs on as crewmember for the difficult Cyclades Regatta. Her captain is the sailing world’s “King of the Seas,” aka Theo Falys-Kings; Ally learned seamanship from her adoptive father, Pa Salt, whose high-tech Titan is the envy of such yachtsmen as Theo. It doesn’t take long for Ally to fall in love with the handsome Briton, and Theo is equally smitten.

Then, Ally gets urgent messages from her family – Pa Salt is dead. She meets her five sisters at their father’s Lake Geneva estate, where she is given a letter by her father, left for her in case of his death. Bidding Ally farewell, he suggests a book on his shelves if she wishes to explore the family she was born into.

Here is where Lucinda Riley’s multifaceted The Storm Sister takes flight. Ally’s book is a 19th-century biography of Anna Landvik, who brought the famed Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg’s Solveig to life in his masterpiece opera, Peer Gynt. I’d been looking at Storm Sister as a well-written romance, but Anna Landvik’s story takes it into the realm of historical fiction, and excellent stuff at that! Ally’s name is short for Alcyone, one of seven stars in the Pleiades constellation, just as there are seven sisters in the D’Aplièse family (which Theo recognized as an anagram of Pleiades). The Storm Sister is the second in a series which began with the best-seller, The Seven Sisters, and I look forward to more stories of the intriguing D’Aplièse sisters from the talented Ms. Riley.

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