The Elopement

By Tracy Rees - Published 2022


London, 1897: In the Blythes’ palatial Highgate home, Pansy, a 23-year-old maid, loathes her job but stays because she is in love with John ...Read Review

A Jewish Girl in Paris

By Jamie Lee Searle (trans.) - By Melanie Levensohn - Published 2022


It is 1940, and Judith lives with her mother in a small flat in Paris. She is a student at the Sorbonne and works ...Read Review

The Attic Child

By Lola Jaye - Published 2022


Inspired by a 19th-century photograph of Ndugu M’Hali, this novel quests through colonial genocide and exploitation to tell the fictional life of ...Read Review

The Darkest Sin (Cesare Aldo series Book 2)

By D. V. Bishop - Published 2022



Florence 1537. Cesare Aldo, Florentine crime-fighter in a city with many factions, is sent to investigate rumours that men have been seen climbing secretly ...Read Review


By Lucy Holland - Published 2021


Historical FantasyMystery/Crime

It is southwest Britain in the 6th century, and the Saxons are threatening again a generation after they were stopped by Aurelianus’s (...Read Review

The Prince of the Skies

By Antonio Iturbe - Published 2021


Iturbe’s second novel opens at Le Bourget Aerodrome, Paris, in 1922. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s plane is described as an ungainly, oversized ...Read Review

City of Vengeance (Cesare Aldo Series)

By D. V. Bishop - Published 2021



Winter, 1536. Cesare Aldo, a former soldier, is now employed by the “Otto”, the most feared criminal court in Florence, currently ruled by Alessandro ...Read Review

Edge of the Grave (Jimmy Dreghorn Series)

By Robert Morrison - Published 2021



Glasgow 1932: Inspector James Dreghorn and his partner “Bonnie” Archie McDaid investigate two murders, one of a child beaten to death by his father, ...Read Review

A Gambling Man (An Archer Novel)

By David Baldacci - Published 2021



After a near-fatal stay in Poca City (in One Good Deed), Aloysius Archer is headed west to become a Private Investigator. He hopes ...Read Review

The Evening and the Morning (Kingsbridge)

By Ken Follett - Published 2020



Over a century before The Pillars of the Earth, the future English cathedral town of Kingsbridge is a mere hamlet with a stone ...Read Review

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