Death on the Lusitania (Patrick Gallagher, 1)

By R. L. Graham - Published 2024



In 1915, the luxurious ocean liner RMS Lusitania sets sail from New York to Europe, where war is raging. A passenger is discovered shot ...Read Review

The Women

By Kristin Hannah - Published 2024


Much-loved author Kristin Hannah brings all the skills that have won her millions of readers—compelling characters, emotional entanglements, family turbulence, and page-turning ...Read Review

The Underground Library

By Jennifer Ryan - Published 2024



Jennifer Ryan’s new novel returns to the familiar ground of World War II London during the Blitz. Juliet Lansdown, a young woman ...Read Review

The Armour of Light (UK) / The Armor of Light (US) (The Kingsbridge Novels, 5)

By Ken Follett - Published 2023



New technology threatens workers’ jobs, war causes shocking food price inflation, hungry children depend on a free school meal. Welcome to 1792 in Kingsbridge, ...Read Review

Once a Monster: A Reimagining of the Legend of the Minotaur

By Robert Dinsdale - Published 2023



London in the winter of 1861. Oliver Twist meets Beauty and the Beast might be a pitch for Once a Monster. But it would ...Read Review

Ritual of Fire (Cesare Aldo series, 3)

By D. V. Bishop - Published 2023



This is the third book to feature Cesare Aldo, an officer of Florence’s criminal court. As the title suggests, heat is at ...Read Review

The Stolen Hours (Book Two of the Wild Isle Series)

By Karen Swan - Published 2023



1929. As the oldest daughter of a family of nine, Mhairi MacKinnon knows her father is struggling to support his large brood on the ...Read Review

Cast a Cold Eye (Jimmy Dreghorn series, 2)

By Robbie Morrison - Published 2023



Ex-boxer ‘Gentleman’ Jimmy Dreghorn, battle-hardened from the First World War, gets his second outing as a murder Detective Inspector in 1930s Glasgow. The ...Read Review

The Elopement

By Tracy Rees - Published 2022


London, 1897: In the Blythes’ palatial Highgate home, Pansy, a 23-year-old maid, loathes her job but stays because she is in love with John ...Read Review

A Jewish Girl in Paris

By Jamie Lee Searle (trans.) - By Melanie Levensohn - Published 2022


It is 1940, and Judith lives with her mother in a small flat in Paris. She is a student at the Sorbonne and works ...Read Review

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