HNR Issue 97 (August 2021)

Agustina de Aragón

By Gail Meath - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

Agustina de Aragón tells the story of Agustina Saragossa, a real-life Spanish heroine of the Napoleonic Wars. Agustina, the daughter of a ...Read Review

The Woodcock

By Richard Smyth - Published 2021


Gravely, east coast of England, 1920s. Harriet and Jon have been happily married for two years. He is a naturalist who makes a ...Read Review

The Godmothers: A Novel

By Camille Aubray - Published 2021



The Godmothers are four women in an Italian immigrant family living in Greenwich Village – Lucy, Amie, and Filomena have each married a son, ...Read Review

The Light of Luna Park

By Addison Armstrong - Published 2021


Armstrong’s dual-timeline debut packs a powerful emotional punch as it explores which lives are valued by society and how much a mother ...Read Review

Daughters of Sparta

By Claire Heywood - Published 2021



Heywood retells a timeless story with fresh insight and poignancy in this debut novel exploring the battles fought by the women of the ...Read Review

I Couldn’t Love You More

By Esther Freud - Published 2021



I Couldn’t Love You More is a stirring portrayal of motherly love and familial and institutional abuse through the eyes of three ...Read Review


By C.J. Carey - Published 2021


Alternate History

England, April 1953. But this is a quite different country – one that succumbed to Germany in 1940 and has since been under occupation. Rose Ransom, ...Read Review

The Czarina’s Buccaneer

By Michael Regal - Published 2021



1787. Rodion Kazansky, one of the remnants of the Zaporizhian Cossacks after they were disbanded by Catherine the Great, finds himself in need of ...Read Review

Setting Two Hearts Free

By Janet Grunst - Published 2020



Set mostly in Virginia during the last years of the American Revolution, this is the story of rebel soldier Donald Duncan and of ...Read Review

Monstrous Design

By Kat Dunn - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

1794. In Paris the French Revolution is on the brink of collapse. Chaos looms while dark forces gather, determined to take power. A small ...Read Review

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