The Marsh King’s Daughter

Written by Elizabeth Chadwick
Review by Teresa Eckford

The author’s latest medieval-set novel takes the reader on a glorious journey of adventure and romance. Confined to a nunnery by her family, Miriel hates the life of a novice and dreams of finding a way out. Nicholas de Caen almost dies while hiding stolen items from King John’s Treasury. Brought together by fate when she saves his life, the two make a pact when she escapes from the convent and joins him. After Miriel breaks that pact and sets out on her own, Nicholas vows revenge. They meet again when Miriel is married to a controlling merchant and their initial attraction grows until they give into their mutual passion. But Miriel’s husband is not willing to let her go and hires someone to rid him of his rival.

As with her previous novels, Ms. Chadwick plunges her reader into the medieval world, expertly weaving historical detail into the narrative while keeping the plot moving along at a merry pace. Her sympathetic and original characters engage the reader while her research shines through.

Though one cliché element does slip in, it is resolved in an original manner and does not detract from the story. Ms. Chadwick’s books are always a pleasure from beginning to end, especially in their power to transport the reader to the Middle Ages.