HNR Issue 14 (November 2000)

The Pillar of the Sky

By Cecelia Holland - Published 2000



Cecelia Holland is a highly versatile writer whose novels have settings ranging from science fiction and the American West to the Middle Ages ...Read Review

Flight of the Crow

By Paul Clayton - Published 1996



This is the second book in a trilogy about Calling Crow, a Native American from the 16th century, and his conflicts with the ...Read Review

The Chivalry of Crime

By Desmond Barry - Published 2000


Biographical FictionWestern

Jesse James is one of those characters from the American frontier past whose terrifying charisma exerts as powerful a hold on contemporary readers ...Read Review

Home for the Holidays

By Johanna Lindsey - Published 2000



Vincent Everett, Baron of Windsmoor, is determined to take revenge on the man who supposedly destroyed his brother, George Ascot. The Baron sets ...Read Review

Wish You Well

By David Baldacci - Published 2000



David Baldacci, famous for his thrillers, has written a completely different kind of story. Wish You Well is a heartwarming coming-of-age novel. The ...Read Review

After Dunkirk

By Milena McGraw - Published 1998Published 1999


I was intrigued by this novel. Written by a Czech-born American woman, it’s set in England and tells the story of Wayne ...Read Review

Mad Merlin

By Robert J. King - Published 2000



In this dazzling addition to the ranks of Arthuriana (King’s first non-game based novel), Merlin is a fallen god bereft of believers ...Read Review

The Oasis (Lord of the Two Lands)

By Pauline Gedge - Published 2000


Biographical FictionSaga

In this, Volume 2 of Pauline Gedge’s Lords of Two Lands Trilogy, the struggle of Egypt’s native nobilty to overthrow the reigning ...Read Review

Calling Crow Nation

By Paul Clayton - Published 1997



This is the third and final book in the Calling Crow trilogy, which if you have just read the review of Flight of ...Read Review

Mystic Visions

By Rosanne Bittner - Published 2000



Rosanne Bittner, author of nearly fifty historical romances, takes a step into the straight historical novel with Mystic Visions. Narrated primarily by Sioux ...Read Review

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