13th Century

Cathedral of Bones: An Ela of Salisbury Medieval Mystery (Ela of Salisbury Medieval Mysteries Book 1)

By J. G. Lewis - Published 2019



It is March 1226, and Ela Longespée’s husband, William, Earl of Salisbury, has died suddenly. His funeral has just taken place in ...Read Review

Lady of the Seven Suns: A Novel of the Woman Saint Francis Called Brother

By Tinney Sue Heath - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

St. Francis of Assisi, famous for his devotion to poverty and his sermon to the birds, remains a figure of enduring interest, as ...Read Review

Twilight of the Gods (Grimnir Series)

By Scott Oden - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

In 1218 AD, the Raven Geats are holding onto their lands in central Scandinavia and their ancient gods, surrounded by hostile Swedes, Norse and ...Read Review

A Matter of Interpretation

By Elizabeth Mac Donald - Published 2019



Translation is always a “matter of interpretation”, and it can (still) be a matter of life or death for the translator. Elizabeth Mac ...Read Review

Earl of Huntingdon (Outlaw’s Legacy Book 3)

By N. B. Dixon - Published 2019



Picking up nine years after the conclusion of Knight of Sherwood, readers will find that all is not well with our folk hero. ...Read Review

Walk the Wild With Me

By Rachel Atwood - Published 2019


Historical Fantasy

Walk the Wild with Me is a historical fantasy set in Robin Hood’s legendary Nottingham. The reader must suspend disbelief as the ...Read Review


By Jaime Lee Moyer - Published 2019


Historical Fantasy

A fantasy novel set during the reign of King John, Brightfall is told through the eyes of Marian: a strong and feisty wife, ...Read Review

Listen to the Wind: The Orphans of Tolosa

By Susanne Dunlap - Published 2019


In the 13th century, Azalaïs and Azemar live as orphans in the forests of what is now southern France. When angry men ...Read Review

I Will Give My Love an Apple: The Savernake Novels Book 4

By Susanna M. Newstead - Published 2018



It is 1204. The winter is harsh, and a stranger is found assaulted and left to die in the forest surrounding the village of ...Read Review

Lord Edward’s Archer

By Griff Hosker - Published 2019



Like most readers, I have my favourite genres, but I do like to step out of my comfort zone every so often. Such ...Read Review

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