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Cilka’s Journey

By Heather Morris - Published 2019


Cilka Klein was a real woman who endured not only Auschwitz but also the Russian gulag: two of the most brutal places of ...Read Review

The Nugget: A Novel (P. T. Deutermann WWII Novels)

By P. T. Deutermann - Published 2019



Ensign Bobby Steele, US Navy aviator, wakes up with a throbbing hangover on board the battleship Oklahoma on the morning of December 7, 1941. Attacking ...Read Review

Twilight of the Gods (Grimnir Series)

By Scott Oden - Published 2020


Historical Fantasy

In 1218 AD, the Raven Geats are holding onto their lands in central Scandinavia and their ancient gods, surrounded by hostile Swedes, Norse and ...Read Review

Westering Women

By Sandra Dallas - Published 2020



When Maggie sees the poster in Chicago in 1852, advertising for eligible women seeking to travel west, she considers it a plausible escape route ...Read Review

The Founding Fortunes: How the Wealthy Paid for and Profited from America’s Revolution

By Tom Shachtman - Published 2020



Author Shachtman (How the French Saved America) dispels more myths of the Revolutionary and early Federal period in this study of finances and ...Read Review

Rouge: A Novel of Beauty and Rivalry

By Richard Kirshenbaum - Published 2019


Rouge is an adventure into the glamorous world of BEAUTY (the caps are intentional). This book highlights the world of cutthroat competition between ...Read Review

Secrets of the Chocolate House (Found Things)

By Paula Brackston - Published 2019



This is the second novel in a planned series. Readers should be sure to pick up a copy of The Little Shop of ...Read Review


By Nicola Harrison - Published 2019


Set in the summer of 1938, Montauk recalls the days when well-to-do New Yorkers left the city’s heat and summered on Long Island ...Read Review

Doublespeak: A Novel (Lena Stillman series)

By Alisa Smith - Published 2019



“Fairy tales have lives of their own.” Lena Stillman, the narrator of this fine sequel to Speakeasy, knows that our deeds are one ...Read Review


By Karen Kelly - Published 2019



The Parrish and Collier families have long been connected by the bonds of love and friendship. Their stories and relationships are told in ...Read Review

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