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Master of His Fate (Falconer)

By Barbara Taylor Bradford - Published 2018



With Master of His Fate, Barbara Taylor Bradford begins her new House of the Falconer series, which takes place in late 19th– century ...Read Review

Rust & Stardust

By T. Greenwood - Published 2018



Rust & Stardust is based on the true-life 1948 kidnapping of 11-year-old Florence “Sally” Horner by a child molester, Frank LaSalle, the same crime ...Read Review

The Girl from Berlin (Liam Taggart and Catherine Lockhart)

By H. - By Ronald Balson - Published 2018



If you have not yet been introduced to the husband-and-wife investigator/lawyer team of Liam Taggart and Catherine Lockhart, The Girl from Berlin ...Read Review

The Little Shop of Found Things

By Paula Brackston - Published 2018



Xanthe Westlake is an antique dealer with a unique gift. Sometimes, when the young woman cups an object in her hands, it “sings” ...Read Review

Richard III: England’s Most Controversial King

By Chris Skidmore - Published 2018



For a king who has been the subject of so much controversy, Richard III has given rise to surprisingly few popular biographies. With ...Read Review

Queen Elizabeth’s Daughter

By Anne Clinard Barnhill - Published 2014Published 2014-03-18


When she is orphaned as a young child, Mary Shelton becomes the ward of her cousin, Elizabeth I. Enchanted by the girl, Elizabeth ...Read Review

The Sisters Weiss

By Naomi Ragen - Published 2013


The dichotomy between filial and religious duty and the desire for independence, freedom and self-expression may be a familiar theme, but Naomi Ragen’...Read Review

Livia: Empress of Rome

By Matthew Dennison - Published 2011



Livia, wife of Augustus Caesar, is one of the most vilified figures in ancient history. Writers from Tacitus to Robert Graves have portrayed ...Read Review

Charlotte and Emily: A Novel of the Brontes

By Jude Morgan - Published 2009Published 2010


Biographical FictionLiterary

“It was as if silence were nakedness, and every moment must, for decency’s sake, be verbally clothed.” The Brontё family lives on ...Read Review

The Devil’s Queen: A Novel of Catherine de Medici

By Jeanne Kalogridis - Published 2009


Biographical Fiction

Catherine de Medici is perhaps one of the most maligned women in history. It appears, however, in Kalogridis’s deft interpretation of Catherine’...Read Review

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