Late Medieval (1338 to 1485)

Warriors in the Snow (Arrows of Albion 6)

By Jonathan Lunn - Published 2022



The bitter winter of 1356 finds Martin Kemp captain of a company of mounted archers in Edward III’s brief and ill-fated Scottish expedition ...Read Review

The Huntsman’s Tale (Oxford Medieval Mysteries 3)

By Ann Swinfen - Published 2021Published c2017



Summer 1353. Oxford is empty of students, so Nicholas Elyot deems it the right time to return home to his family farm in the ...Read Review

City of Liars

By Michelle Fogle - Published 2021


The home to which Joachim Déulocresca returns is not the same one that he left. Fear and hate, tinged with greed—all ...Read Review

The Stonemason’s Tale (Oxford Medieval Mysteries 6)

By Ann Swinfen - Published 2021Published c2018



Spring 1354. Workmen are busy rebuilding and extending the relatively new Queen’s College. The lives and livelihoods of Nicholas Elyot and his neighbours ...Read Review

Confessions of a Janissary

By Nicholas Downing - Published 2021


Thirteen-year-old Mirko Popovic’s curiosity is aroused when Janissaries visit his Serbian village in 1373. They come to collect a special tax: one that ...Read Review

Oswald the Thief: A Medieval Caper

By Jeri Westerson - Published 2022



Aptly subtitled ‘A Medieval Caper’, Jeri Westerson’s new novel is a comical romp through early 14th-century London, centering on a heist to ...Read Review

Dark Hunter

By Fiona Watson - Published 2022



May 1317. Bannockburn has been fought and won by Robert Bruce, who now calls himself King of Scotland. Berwick-upon-Tweed is on the English side ...Read Review

Elizabeth of York: The Last White Rose (UK) / The Last White Rose: A Novel of Elizabeth of York (US)

By Alison Weir - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

Elizabeth of York, whose marriage to Henry VII united the Houses of York and Lancaster after the Wars of the Roses, is not ...Read Review

The Novice’s Tale (Oxford Medieval Mysteries 2)

By Ann Swinfen - Published 2022Published c2016



This book continues the series based around the main character, Nicholas Elyot, an Oxford bookseller and widower, who solves crimes in his spare ...Read Review

The Good Wife of Bath

By Karen Brooks - Published 2022



Brooks offers another adventure-crammed frolic through the London of an earlier era in this prequel to her bestselling The Brewer’s Tale/The ...Read Review

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