Late Medieval (1338 to 1485)

Bright Shadow

By Jan Middleton - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

The setting is England, circa 1480-1520, and the titular “Bright Shadow” is Katherine Plantagenet – daughter, sister, aunt of kings – one of the daughters ...Read Review

The Godmother’s Secret

By Elizabeth St. John - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

The mystery of the Princes in the Tower has fascinated historians for centuries. Upon the death in 1483 of their father, Edward IV of ...Read Review

The Secret in the Tower (Tales of Medieval England)

By Andrew Beattie - By Corinne Caro (illus.) - Published 2022


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

1485, and apothecary’s boy Jack Broom races through the crowded streets of London, fearing a whipped backside if he is late. Jack’s ...Read Review

The Welsh Dragon: A Novel of Henry Tudor

By K. M. Butler - Published 2022


Biographical Fiction

The tail end of the Wars of the Roses has often been told focusing on Richard III, from Shakespeare’s love-to-hate villain to ...Read Review

One Night in Hartswood

By Emma Denny - Published 2023



This gay romance opens with two brothers, Raff and Ash, sons of the Earl of Barden, travelling through Hartswood Forest to deliver their ...Read Review

A Marriage of Fortune

By Anne O’Brien - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

1467, and the Paston household in Norwich is rocked by crisis. As more crises occur, the book delves into the hearts and minds of ...Read Review

The Suicide Skull

By Susan McDuffie - Published 2022



Euphemia McPhee, a young woman who has the Second Sight and knows the ancient skills of healing with herbs, lives alone in a ...Read Review

Olav Audunssøn III: Crossroads

By Sigrid Undset - By Tiina Nunnally (trans.) - Published 2022



Newly translated by Tiina Nunnally, Crossroads is the third volume of Sigrid Undset’s tetralogy Olav Audunssøn, a Norse saga of sorts. ...Read Review

Essex Dogs (Essex Dogs Trilogy)

By Dan Jones - Published 2022Published 2023



In this novel set during the Hundred Years’ War (July 1346), the “dogs” of the title are a motley band of ten British soldiers, ...Read Review

Hawker and the King’s Jewel (The Swords of the White Rose series, 1)

By Ethan Bale - Published 2022



It’s 1485, and the eve of the Battle of Bosworth, when King Richard unexpectedly summons Sir John Hawker. Hawker, a middle-aged knight with ...Read Review

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