Late Medieval (1338 to 1485)

The Slaughter Stone

By Anna Boyland - Published 2023


Wales, 1389. When William learns of riches buried on an old farmstead once managed by his late father, he seeks tenancy for it. Unfortunately ...Read Review

At the Court of Broken Dreams

By Laurence Baillie Brown - Published 2022


It is 1460, and the young Edward de-la-Pole rides off to fight for the Yorkists—as Beloved Mama has ordered. Beloved Mama has also ...Read Review

A Court of Betrayal

By Anne O’Brien - Published 2024


England 1301. A marriage is arranged between two great houses: Mortimer and De Geneville. Roger Mortimer, eldest son of the Baron of Wigmore, and ...Read Review

Beneath a Crescent Shadow (Balkan Legends, 1)

By A. L. Sowards - Published 2024


In 1373 in Rivak, Serbia, young Konstantin arrives on horseback at his village only to find it devastated by fire. Although most houses and ...Read Review

House Aretoli: A Novel of Medieval Venice

By K. M. Butler - Published 2023


This book is set in the mid-14th century principally in Venice and Constantinople. The family of the hero Niccolo (house Aretoli) becomes ...Read Review

Kemp: The Road to Poitiers (Arrows of Albion, 8)

By Jonathan Lunn - Published 2024



An exciting tale set during the Hundred Years’ War in the run-up to the Battle of Poitiers. September 1356: Martin Kemp and his archers ...Read Review

All the Painted Stars

By Emma Denny - Published 2024



In 1362, Johanna de Foucart is preparing for a tournament at her late father’s Oxfordshire castle. She has had a failed betrothal after ...Read Review

Token of Betrayal (Roses & Rebels Book 1)

By C.V. Lee - Published 2022



Jersey seems like a haven from the turmoil of war until an insider permits the French to seize the island fortress one night ...Read Review

The Man With Sapphire Eyes (The Ballot Boy Book 2)

By Larry Mellman - Published 2023


Niccolo “Nico” Soltana is ballot boy, or assistant, to the doge of Venice, a man he serves with devotion, as war is about ...Read Review

The Princes in the Tower: Solving History’s Greatest Cold Case

By Philippa Langley - Published 2023



Having tackled the mystery of the body of Richard III (1452-1485) missing from Bosworth Field (“My kingdom for a horse”), exhumed him from ...Read Review

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