The Lost Heiress: Lady of the Manor

Written by Roseanna M. White
Review by Viviane Crystal

Brook Eden is raised in the palace of Monaco. In 1910, through the investigations of her closest friend, Justin, Brook discovers she is the missing heiress of a family in Yorkshire, England. The shock is overwhelming, and she wonders what her future holds as she travels to meet her newfound family. The Lord of Whitby almost immediately accepts Brook as his daughter, although they never discuss her estrangement. The rest of the family and servants doubt Brook’s right to be heiress.

While adjusting to the cold, windy Yorkshire moors from the warm, peaceful atmosphere of Monaco, Brook is introduced to the lords and ladies in the area. Justin’s father had recently died, and he is left to deal with a financially troubled estate. He also realizes that his childhood closeness with Brook has evolved into deep love, but Brook still acts like they are only the best of friends. Lord Pratt, with a stony and cruel nature, is looking for a treasure known as “fire and ice.” He forces Deirdre, Brook’s lady-in-waiting, to spy for him. His obsession turns into a life-threatening danger for Brook.

Brook and Justin are Christians who remain deeply faithful in the challenges and terrors that follow. Their story is a lovely but frustrating one in which the search for belonging and family are ever-present. While the plot is somewhat stereotypical, Brook is depicted with her spunky spirit matching her wild horseback rides and her ability to tame the fiery steeds in her newfound father’s stables. This is a tension-ridden historical romance, mystery and inspirational novel that will appeal to all readers.