Death with a Double Edge: A Daniel Pitt Novel

By Anne Perry - Published 2021



In Anne Perry’s latest mystery, solving murders is a family affair. Daniel Pitt, a junior barrister in a respected London law firm, ...Read Review

Until Vienna (Romance on the Orient Express)

By Heather B. Moore - Published 2021


Inspirational Romance

In 1900, seamstress/designer Georgina Ballard accompanies her elderly aunt on a private ‘twilight art tour’ aboard the Orient Express, organized by Professor Clyde ...Read Review

Wartime with the Tram Girls (The Potteries Girls 2)

By Lynn Johnson - Published 2021



Constance Copeland is a well-off young woman from the Potteries in Staffordshire. For her nineteenth birthday in 1913 her parents arrange a day at ...Read Review

A Splendid Ruin

By Megan Chance - Published 2020


Set shortly before the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, this highly recommended and immersive novel reminds us to be careful what we wish for. Arriving ...Read Review

The Vines

By Shelley Nolden - Published 2021


Set on New York’s North Brother Island in multiple timelines, The Vines combines the sad story of Riverside Hospital for Quarantinable Diseases ...Read Review

Death in the Time of Pancho Villa: A Rose in Old El Paso Mystery

By Marshall - By Sandra - Published 2020



On a spring evening in 1911, young Rose Westmoreland, with her luggage and a camera named Caroline, steps off a train in El Paso ...Read Review

The Lawyer from Lychakiv Street

By Andriy Kokotiukha - Published 2020



This Ukrainian crime novel requires at least some knowledge of the time and place in which it is set, so it is worth ...Read Review

Hell Gate (An Ingo Finch Mystery Book 3)

By Dawson - By Jeff - Published 2020



This novel opens in New York in 1904, with the sinking of PS General Slocum. Over a thousand members of a Lutheran church drowned, ...Read Review

Luck of the Titanic

By Stacey Lee - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

Only Stacey Lee could tie together the Chinese Exclusion Act with the Titanic disaster, which she does with aplomb in her most recent ...Read Review

Death of a Showman (A Jane Prescott Novel 4)

By Mariah Fredericks - Published 2021



This fun, well-written cozy historical mystery, the fourth in the Jane Prescott series, takes us right to the heart of Broadway. It can ...Read Review

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