A Shadow on the Lens

By Sam Hurcom - Published 2019



Thomas Bexley is a forensic photographer (one of the first in the country) working for the Metropolitan Police. It is June 1904, and he ...Read Review

Sons of the Soil

By Lucas Dines - Published 2019


In 1902, Jon Ahmeti is an Albanian living in the Ottoman province of Macedonia, where he works for James MacGregor, the head of the ...Read Review

Reinhardt’s Garden

By Mark Haber - Published 2019



In 1907, Jacov Reinhardt is obsessed with melancholy and its effect on mankind. In an attempt to complete his treatise on the subject, Reinhardt ...Read Review

The Titanic Secret (An Isaac Bell Adventure)

By Clive Cussler - By Jack Du Brul - Published 2019



Though this Cussler story begins with Dirk Pitt—of the National Underwater and Marine Agency—in the present, this is really an Isaac ...Read Review

The Animal Gazer

By Edgardo Franzosini - Published 2019


Biographical FictionLiterary

This is a prize-winning fictionalised biography of the sculptor Rembrandt Bugatti (1884-1916).  In his brief life Bugatti created over 300 bronzes, nearly all animal ...Read Review

A Merry Murder (A Special Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery)

By Kate Kingsbury - Published 2019



It is Christmastime at the Pennyfoot, a hotel in the English countryside not far from London. Its owner, Cecily Baxter, is enjoying making ...Read Review

All the Forgivenesses

By Elizabeth Hardinger - Published 2019


All the Forgivenesses is a wrenching read. It begins in dirt-poor Kentucky in 1906 and concludes in the oil boom in Kansas, a few ...Read Review

Barefoot on the Cobbles: A Devon Tragedy

By Janet Few - Published 2018



I had misgivings reading the list of dramatis personae, several pages long, that the author provides at the start of her book. Whose ...Read Review

The Women of the Copper Country

By Mary Doria Russell - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

In 1913, the seeds for the copper mine union are sown by the death of a Finnish drill operator. Led by the intrepid Anna ...Read Review

The Adventure of the Peculiar Protocols

By Nicholas Meyer - Published 2019



As in 1974 when he uncovered an unpublished manuscript by John H. Watson and presented it in The Seven Percent Solution, author Nicholas Meyer ...Read Review

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