HNR Issue 75 (February 2016)

At the Existentialist Cafe: Freedom, Being and Apricot Cocktails

By Sarah Bakewell - Published 2016



Sarah Bakewell’s latest non-fiction book, At the Existentialist Café, documents her passion for existentialism through linked biographies of the movements’ King and ...Read Review

Stolen Horses

By Bill Brooks - Published 2016



Ranger Ballard finds two charred bodies in a burned-out ramshackle house on the Texas Panhandle. The Foley brother and sister lived in that ...Read Review

A Reckless Desire: A Breconridge Brothers Novel

By Isabella Bradford - Published 2016



Set in England in 1775, this is the third of a historical romance trilogy, in which the highly eligible sons of a duke fall ...Read Review

Rawhide Robinson Rides the Tabby Trail

By Rod Miller - Published 2015



This is Miller’s second western featuring Rawhide Robinson. A line in the first few pages sets the tone: “It was the late 1870...Read Review

Dandy Gilver & the Unpleasantness in the Ballroom

By Catriona McPherson - Published 2015



The Dandy Gilver novels are a 1930s pastiche, imitating and gently satirising the detective novels of the Golden Age (Dorothy Sayers, Agatha Christie, ...Read Review

The Man Who Spoke Snakish

By Andrus Kivirähk - By Christopher Mosley (trans.) - Published 2015


Historical FantasyLiterary

In The Man Who Spoke Snakish, Estonian writer Andrus Kivirähk weaves a melancholy, often brutal, tale of the last gasp of an ...Read Review

Hidden Inheritance: Family Secrets, Memory, and Faith

By Heidi B. Neumark - Published 2015



With a simple click on a website, Heidi Neumark’s knowledge of herself, her belief system, and her heritage was irrevocably changed. In ...Read Review


By Robert Harris - Published 2015Published 2016


In 58 BC, Cicero is exiled. Once the staunch defender of the Republic, the canny orator didn’t reckon with the machinations of the ...Read Review

The Stolen Queen

By Lisa Hilton - Published 2015


This novel, about Isabelle of Angoulême, King John’s second wife, is very well written, and Lisa Hilton has obviously done a ...Read Review

The Words in My Hand

By Guinevere Glasfurd - Published 2016


Biographical Fiction

The Words in My Hand, the debut novel from Guinevere Glasfurd, tells the story of Helena Jans, a Dutch maid in the 17th ...Read Review

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