Sisters of Shiloh

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Josephine and Libby Beale, teenage sisters in Winchester, Virginia, are devoted to each other until a stranger intrudes. When Arden Tanner befriends 13-year-old Libby, her older sister Josephine can’t help feeling jealous. By the time Libby and Arden wed, Josephine’s jealousy has ripened to hatred. A month later the Civil War breaks out; Arden joins the Confederate Army and is assigned to Stonewall Jackson’s brigade.

Sharpsburg, Maryland is only a day’s ride away. When Libby hears that Stonewall’s brigade fought a ferocious battle with the Yankees there, she rides north to look for Arden. Josephine goes with her, not to save her detested brother-in-law, but to protect her distraught sister. Josephine locates Arden first, but he is horrifically mutilated. Libby finds him dead at her sister’s side, his blood still fresh.

Now it is Libby’s turn to hate. She hacks off her hair, dons her husband’s clothes, and swears to kill 21 Yankees – one for each year of Arden’s life. Once more Josephine accompanies her younger sister, this time to keep 21 Yankees from killing her. Though the recruiter is skeptical that they are old enough, the pair join Jackson’s brigade as cousins Joseph and Thomas Holden.

Sisters of Shiloh is an unsparing, bloody, emotional tour-de-force. With Kathy’s experience as a bestselling author and Becky’s history degree, the Hepinstalls are a highly effective writing team. They present lucky readers with a tale of love and hate, vengeance and devotion, and the darkest secrets imaginable. Highly recommended for all.

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