US Civil War

Sound of Distant Thunder (The Amish of Weaver’s Creek)

By Jan Drexler - Published 2018



The title reference is to the American Civil War. Being members of a peace church, most Amish do not believe in fighting wars. ...Read Review

Dactyl Hill Squad

By Daniel Jose Older - Published 2018


Children/Young AdultFantasy

Dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes fly the skies and wander the streets of New York City in 1863. The Civil War rages off ...Read Review

The Rebel Killer

By Paul Fraser Collard - Published 2018



Instead of retreating to Boston with the defeated Union army, after the battle of Manassas, Jack Lark and the escaped slave Rose intend ...Read Review

Murder in the Oval Library (Lincoln’s White House Mystery)

By C. M. Gleason - Published 2018



Eight hundred feet is all that separates the White House from Confederate troops two days after the firing on Fort Sumter. With President ...Read Review

Daughter of a Daughter of a Queen

By Sarah Bird - Published 2018


Biographical FictionWestern

Based on a little-known piece of history, this book tells the story of Cathy Williams, the only woman to ever serve with the ...Read Review

The Rebel Killer (Jack Lark, Book 7): A gripping tale of revenge in the American Civil War

By Paul Fraser Collard - Published 2018



Virginia, 1861. Jack Lark is fighting for the Union in the Civil War. The book opens with the aftermath of battle. Following the defeat ...Read Review

The Twisted Crown

By Anita Richmond Bunkley - Published 2018


In 1846, an enslaved mother cowers by South Carolina’s Copper River with her four-year-old daughter, Eva. The mother’s hair is braided in ...Read Review

Dangerous Conjurings

By Anne Armistead - Published 2018



The Civil War took Leah’s brother and her childhood sweetheart. Only her father returned. Their family broken, Leah’s asked by her ...Read Review

Whirligig: Keeping the Promise

By Richard Buxton - Published 2017


The American Civil War seems an unlikely place for a young Englishman to wind up in the name of love, but that is ...Read Review

Engraved on the Heart

By Tara Johnson - Published 2018



Childhood friends Micah and Keziah both hide scandalous secrets. As a trained physician, Micah tries to help Keziah after she suffers an epileptic ...Read Review

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