US Civil War

Queen of the Union

By John Zink - Published 2022



This novel, Book 2 of the Queen of the West trilogy, is set in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the brink of the Civil War in 1855. ...Read Review

The Burning Land (The Overstreet Saga)

By David O. Stewart - Published 2023



Henry Overstreet and Katie Nash fall in love in the small town of Waldoboro, Maine, during the American Civil War. When Henry decides ...Read Review

The House of Lincoln

By Nancy Horan - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

Nancy Horan, best-selling author of Loving Frank, offers a captivatingly sweeping historical novel centered on Abraham Lincoln, 19th-century Springfield, Illinois, and early American ...Read Review

With Great Sorrow: A Civil War Story (Paddy series)

By Lisa Boyle - Published 2023



Rosaleen and Emmet are part of a community of Irish immigrants who have come to Massachusetts seeking a better life. In late 1861, Emmet ...Read Review

The Lioness of Boston

By Emily Franklin - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

The Lioness of Boston is a fictionalized biography of Isabella Stewart Gardner, the prolific art collector who eventually turned her Boston home into ...Read Review

Little Writer (Marmee’s Girls)

By Marina Hill - Published 2022


In Little Writer, a retelling of Louisa May Alcott’s 1868 classic Little Women from Jo March’s first-person vantage, author Marina Hill reimagines ...Read Review

The Lost Wife

By Susanna Moore - Published 2023



Sarah, a luckless woman in mid-19th century America, flees her abusive husband, leaving her daughter behind. She ends up in Minnesota, where ...Read Review

Never Sleep

By Fred Van Lente - Published 2023


Never Sleep is a solid historical fiction offering by well-known graphic novelist and fiction writer Van Lente. Opening in 1861, it follows Kate Warn, ...Read Review

Hidden Cargo

By Robin Lloyd - Published 2023



Following up his blockade-running bonanza in Harbor of Spies, Lloyd returns with another authentic adventure with American Navy acting lieutenant Everett Townsend hot ...Read Review

In This Moment (Timeless)

By Gabrielle Meyer - Published 2023


Inspirational RomanceTime-slip

Maggie’s life is unique. As a time-traveler, she inhabits three different time periods. In 1861, she is Miss Margaret Wakefield, daughter of a ...Read Review

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