US Civil War

The Sweetness of Water

By Nathan Harris - Published 2021



Nathan Harris’s debut novel, The Sweetness of Water, reads as though the author has honed his craft for years. The story begins ...Read Review

A Rebellious Woman

By Claire J. Griffin - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

In this novel, author Claire J. Griffin weaves a thought-provoking story based on the life of the real Belle Boyd, a young woman ...Read Review

One Must Tell the Bees: Abraham Lincoln and the Final Education of Sherlock Holmes

By J. Lawrence Matthews - Published 2021



In One Must Tell the Bees, a young Sherlock Holmes travels to America in 1864, the last year of the Civil War. Zelig-like, Sherlock ...Read Review

The Turn (Abraham Lincoln’s Human Story)

By Dl Fowler - Published 2021


Liberated from slavery during John Brown’s 1858 raid into Missouri, William Henry Johnson refuses to head to safety in Canada, for he has ...Read Review

What Passes as Love

By Trisha R. Thomas - Published 2021


Life on the Holt plantation, in 1860, is easier for Dahlia Holt than most. The enslaved daughter of owner Lewis Holt, she passes for ...Read Review

Libertie: A Novel

By Kaitlyn Greenidge - Published 2021


On the surface, Libertie is a coming-of-age novel. Libertie Sampson, free-born, dark Black daughter of the much lighter and more self-assured Dr. Catherine ...Read Review

Sunflower Sisters

By Martha Hall Kelly - Published 2021



This epic story, set prior to and during the American Civil War, is inspired by the lives of Georgeanna “Georgy” Woolsey and her ...Read Review

Dreams of Savannah

By Roseanna M. White - Published 2021


Inspirational Romance

1861. Betrayed, shot, and washed overboard, Confederate soldier Phineas Dunn wakes up on the shores of Cuba. His only hope of survival is a ...Read Review

Breath Like the Wind at Dawn

By Devin Jacobsen - Published 2020



This tale covers 20 years, from the Civil War forward, and the Tamplin family—three brothers, Quinn, Irving, and Edward; father Les; and finally ...Read Review

The Peacemakers

By Rebecca Suter Lindsay - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

Not every Virginian is pleased with the 1861 state referendum that allows Virginia to secede from the Union and join the Confederate States of ...Read Review

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