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The Red Address Book

By Sofia Lundberg - Published 2019


Doris, now 96 years old and living alone in her Stockholm apartment, treasures the red address book given to her by her father in 1928. ...Read Review

The Accidental President: Harry S. Truman and the Four Months That Changed the World

By A. J. Baime - Published 2017Published 2018



Many thousands of words have been written about the Presidency of Harry S. Truman. This remarkable book is an intimate biographical portrait about ...Read Review


By Mary Sharratt - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

This is an intimate deep-dive into the thoughts of the composer Alma Schindler Mahler during her marriage to Gustav Mahler. Her upbringing in ...Read Review

The Weight of Ink

By Rachel Kadish - Published 2017


In modern-day London, a cache of mid-17th-century papers is found, apparently untouched for three centuries, in a house under renovation. The Hebrew ...Read Review

The Half Wives

By Stacia Pelletier - Published 2017



May 22, 1897, is the day young Jack Plageman died, leaving his parents, Henry and Marilyn, forever seeking some sense of normalcy and control. We ...Read Review

The Eastern Shore

By Ward Just - Published 2016Published 2016-10-18



This slow-moving story features Ned Ayres, a man who has grown up to become a newspaper editor, a profession his father does not ...Read Review


By Amos Oz - By Nicholas de Lange (trans.) - Published 2016



Jerusalem in the winter of 1959-1960, and Shmuel Ash drops out of his postgraduate university studies with his life in a mess: his ...Read Review

The Fortunes

By Peter Ho Davies - Published 2016



This four-part literary blend of fact and fiction powerfully lays out the Chinese-American experience. In the 1860s, Ah Ling, son of a “ghost” (...Read Review

The Castle of Kings

By Oliver Pötzsch - Published 2016



Germany, 1524. Agnes is the daughter of a castellan whose home is the former seat of the Holy Roman Empire, but now fallen into ...Read Review

Fever at Dawn

By Elizabeth Szász (trans.) - By Péter Gárdos - Published 2016


1945 and war has just ended in Europe. Miklós (family name not revealed) and Lili Reich were both Jewish-Hungarian prisoners and survivors of ...Read Review

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