Scandal Wears Satin

Written by Loretta Chase
Review by Monica E. Spence

Sophy Noirot and her two sisters own Maison Noirot, the finest dressmaker’s shop in London. The problem is, few people in the ton know of its existence, other than through a recent scandal. She will do almost anything in pursuit of getting the word out to the “right” customer, or getting a wealthy man’s patronage for the shop. Harry Fairfax, the Earl of Longmore, can’t help but be attracted to the gorgeous Sophy, but his family is horrified: she is a dressmaker! But when his sister, Maison Noirot’s best and favorite customer, runs away, Longmore and Sophy team up on a rescue mission.

This is the second book of Loretta Chase’s Dressmaker series. Her research into the clothing and inner workings of a dress shop in the mid-1830s gives the story more depth than the usual romance. As a costume historian, I enjoyed the details just as much as I enjoyed the story. Written with humor and a light touch, Scandal Wears Satin will entertain and amuse the reader with a good story and enjoyable characters. It’s a fun read.