Playing With The Moon

Written by Eliza Graham
Review by Marilyn Sherlock

Their small son having been killed in a road accident, Tom and Minna Byrne rent a house in an isolated village on the Dorset coast to try to come to terms with their loss. Down on the beach, Tom discovers human bones half buried in the sand along with an identity tag which names them as an American GI who drowned in 1944. Up in Yorkshire, Felix, who grew up in the same village sixty years earlier, reads an account of the find in a newspaper. She travels back to the house she hasn’t seen since the whole village was requisitioned by the Military for D-Day landing practices during World War II. The two women meet and gradually the story behind those events comes to light.

This is another book where the two central characters relate their own experiences, and the story alternates between the present day and 1944. Eliza Graham tells a powerful tale, and her characters are well drawn and believable. I enjoyed this book very much.