Between the Sword and the Wall

By Thomas De Angelo - Published 2007


“Do I have to remind you all that we are in occupied Belgium and not some tavern in Nottingham?” British nurse Edith Cavell ...Read Review

A Prayer for Blue Delaney

By Kirsty Murray - Published 2007


Children/Young Adult

1950s Australia. Colm McCabe is one of thousands of children torn from their families in the U.K. and sent ‘for their own ...Read Review

The Needle in the Blood

By Sarah Bower - Published 2007Published 2012



The Norman Conquest of England was one of the pivotal events of the Middle Ages. In 1066, William the Conqueror and his brother, Bishop ...Read Review

On Ugliness

By Umberto Eco - Published 2007Published 2011



A companion piece to Eco’s On Beauty, this book explores the culture, politics and aesthetics of ugliness through a history of art ...Read Review

Mandarin: A Novel of Vietnam

By John Haven - Published 2007


Born in the late 19th century, Bach is the cherished oldest son of a patrician Vietnamese family. His is a divided world: nobles ...Read Review

The Beekeeper’s Apprentice

By Laurie R. King - Published 1994Published 2007Published 2010



This is the first book in Laurie R. King’s highly popular Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes series, relaunched by the publisher, along with ...Read Review

Attila: The Gathering of the Storm

By William Napier - Published 2007Published 2010



In the second volume of William Napier’s Attila trilogy, the prince returns from exile to reclaim his place as king from his ...Read Review

The Book of Fathers

By Miklos Vamos (trans. Peter Sherwood) - Published 2007Published 2009



Spanning 300 years and twelve generations of the Csillag family, Vamos’s saga represents the signs of the zodiac, encompassing what he sees as ...Read Review


By Julie Hearn - Published 2007Published 2010


Children/Young Adult

In 1913, thirteen-year-old Hazel Mull-Dare has a comfortable, yet unconventional life in London with a mother who is obsessed with dogs and a father ...Read Review

The Disappearance at Pere-Lachaise

By Claude Izner - By Isabel Reid (trans.) - By Lorenza Garcia (trans.) - Published 2007Published 2009



Fin-de-siècle Paris was a macrocosm of art, literature, dancers in the Moulin Rouge and lovers walking along the Seine. However, a microcosm ...Read Review

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