HNR Issue 42 (November 2007)

Blind Eye

By Marilyn Todd - Published 2007



Is this the 14th tale about Marilyn Todd’s wonderfully bitchy and feisty detective Claudia? No, this is the first tale about her ...Read Review

The Guilt of Innocents

By Candace Robb - Published 2007



It has been a long wait for the new Owen Archer mystery, and fans will be keenly anticipating this, his ninth outing. It ...Read Review

A Different Kind of Honor

By Robert N. Macomber - Published 2007



In 1879, Lt. Commander Peter Wake of the United States Navy is sent on special assignment to observe the forthcoming war between Peru, Chile ...Read Review

Vivaldi’s Virgins

By Barbara Quick - Published 2007


Biographical Fiction

Anna Maria dal Violin, abandoned as a baby, now lives as an orphan in the foundling home and cloisters of the Ospedale della ...Read Review

The Prince Kidnaps A Bride

By Christina Dodd - Published 2006



Exiled and hiding from revolutionaries in a Scottish convent for ten years, the winter of 1810 finds Crown Princess Sorcha determined to return to ...Read Review

The Sister: A Novel of Emily Dickinson

By Paola Kaufmann (trans. William Rowlandson) - Published 2006 (UK)Published 2007 (US)


Biographical Fiction

So little is known about Emily Dickinson that studies of her poetry provide the major insight into the recluse of Amherst, Massachusetts. Such ...Read Review

The Journal of Dora Damage

By Belinda Starling - Published 2007


Dora Damage has a name straight from Dickens, and in fact her tale would not be out of place in that author’s ...Read Review


By Emma Blair - Published 2007



Cordelia and Lexa are heartbroken when they lose the family greengrocery, but soon find work and love in very different places. Lexa takes ...Read Review

The Island

By Victoria Hislop - Published 2006 (UK)Published 2007 (US)


As London-born Alexis Fielding, a modern-day college graduate, explores her past, she is drawn to visit a former Greek leper colony. This storyline, ...Read Review

The Spanish Bow

By Andromeda Romano-Lax - Published 2007 (US)Published 2008 (UK)


Can art save us from ourselves? In her elegant debut, Ms. Romano-Lax ponders this timeless question through the ambitious tale of Feliu Delargo, ...Read Review

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