Reviews of some 15,000 historical fiction books

Kingdom of the Wicked Book One: Rules

By Helen Dale - Published 2018


Alternate History

Helen Dale’s first novel, The Hand that Signed the Paper, won Australia’s Miles Franklin Award; she was the youngest recipient ever. ...Read Review

Shadow Child

By Rahna Reiko Rizzuto - Published 2018



Lillie and her daughters Hana and Kei have spent their entire lives trying to rise above disaster. Their story begins in the early 1970...Read Review

The Lost Daughter

By Gill Paul - Published 2018


The idea that at least one of the children of Tsar Nicholas II might have survived the murder of the Romanov royal family ...Read Review

The Botanist’s Daughter

By Kayte Nunn - Published 2018


This is Australian author Kayte Nunn’s first historical novel. A love of botany inspired Nunn to write this multi-period novel set in ...Read Review

The Martian Girl

By Andrew Martin - Published 2018


Jean Beckett is researching the life of the late 19th-century London musical hall artiste Kate French. She plans to put on a stage ...Read Review

The Jade Lily

By Kirsty Manning - Published 2018


The Jade Lily is a multi-period, inter-generational novel set in the World War Two era and the present day. In her second novel, ...Read Review

Women of the Dunes

By Sarah Maine - Published 2018


In three interwoven storylines, the legend of a Viking woman and a solitary monk on a remote Scottish island comes to life. Archaeologist ...Read Review


By Susanna Kearsley - Published 2018


Charlotte (“Charley”) Van Hoek takes up residence in her late brother’s home on Long Island and begins a position as curator of ...Read Review


By Kathleen Kaufman - Published 2018



In the years after WWII, a little girl grows up in Glasgow and later moves with her mother to Colorado. Alice Grace is ...Read Review

Boardwalk Summer

By Meredith Jaeger - Published 2018



Violet yearns to be a Hollywood actress in 1940. Even though she is married, she enters and wins the Miss California pageant in Santa ...Read Review