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The Tower

By Flora Carr - Published 2024


Biographical Fiction

A pregnant Mary Stuart, known usually as Queen of Scots, is taken to the isolated, bleak water-girt island of Lochleven Castle in the ...Read Review

Ladies’ Rest and Writing Room

By Kim Kelly - Published 2023


The Ladies’ Rest and Writing Room is located in Farmer’s department store in Sydney, Australia. After spending the day spending their money, ...Read Review

The Sweet Blue Distance

By Sara Donati - Published 2024


Another inviting plunge into 19th-century America, Donati’s long-awaited novel sits between the Wilderness series (1792-1824) and the Waverly Place duology (1883-1885). When ...Read Review

Never Closer

By Margot Shepherd - Published 2023


Oxford, 1940: teenaged Alice’s first job is in a laboratory where mould is deliberately grown in a motley collection of bedpans, pie-dishes, and ...Read Review

Inferno on Fifth

By Marlie Parker Wasserman - Published 2023



This fin-de-siècle mystery centers on the Windsor Hotel on Fifth Avenue in New York City, which burned to the ground on March 17, 1899. ...Read Review

Miss Austen Investigates

By Jessica Bull - Published 2024



Jane Austen’s world, with its intelligent heroines, romance and issues of propriety, is blended deliciously with murder mystery motifs, resulting in an ...Read Review

The Wolf’s Eye (The Order of the Seven Stars)

By Luanne G. Smith - Published 2024


Historical Fantasy

Set during WWI on the Eastern Front, The Wolf’s Eye makes a strong followup as the second book in Smith’s Order ...Read Review

The Emperor and the Endless Palace: A Romantasy Novel

By Justinian Huang - Published 2024


Historical Fantasy

Set in three different periods, The Emperor and the Endless Palace is a fantastical, queer take on the past life romance. In 4 BCE, ...Read Review

The Island of Mists and Miracles

By Frank Wynne (trans.) - By Victoria Mas - Published 2024



Mas’ second novel is translated from the French by Frank Wynne. It wasn’t until I checked the details to write this review ...Read Review

A Sweet Sting of Salt

By Rose Sutherland - Published 2024


Sutherland retells the folktale, “The Selkie Wife,” in this moving novel of two women and their potential love for each other. She exposes ...Read Review