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The Unearthed

By Lenny Bartulin - Published 2023



Old bones – ‘mossed and soft’ – are discovered in the wilderness near Queenstown. Forensic scientist Antonia Kovacs arrives from Hobart to investigate them, also ...Read Review

The American Queen

By Vanessa Miller - Published 2024


1865: Enslaved twenty-four-year-old Louella yearns for freedom. The selling of her mother which wrenched her family apart, the horrific lynching of her father, and ...Read Review

The Sleeping Beauties

By Lucy Ashe - Published 2024



Now the war’s over, Rosamund Caradon can take the evacuated children in her care back to their London homes. She’s accompanied ...Read Review

Pelican Girls

By Julia Malye - Published 2024


Pelican Girls tells a vivid and potent story of women first discarded by society then sent as brides to shore up the floundering ...Read Review

Rose Girl

By Holly Payne - Published 2023



In 1256, a woman gives birth in a monastery deep in the Rila mountains. Ivan, a young friar, is the only witness. Roses do ...Read Review

The Bone Hunters

By Joanne Burn - Published 2024


Lyme Regis, 1824. Ada Winters, 24, lives with mum Edith in a cottage ‘upon the beach’, so close to the sea that high tides almost ...Read Review

Hardy Women: Mother, Sisters, Wives, Muses

By Paula Byrne - Published 2024



In his day, Thomas Hardy was renowned for the psychological insight he brought to his female characters. As Byrne relates, Hardy the man ...Read Review


By Kelly Stone Gamble - Published 2023


1930s Nevada. Sixteen-year-old Helen Carter and her father migrate from Kansas to Ragtown, a shanty community near Las Vegas, joining thousands of other ...Read Review

The Lionheart’s Bride (Berengaria of Navarre Medieval Trilogy)

By Austin Hernon - Published 2023


AdventureBiographical Fiction

This 12th-century historical adventure follows Princess Berengaria on her quest to catch up with and marry Richard I, King of England, as he ...Read Review

Wolves around the Throne (Wolves of Odin Book 4)

By S.J.A. Turney - Published 2023



This is the fourth in Simon Turney’s Wolves of Odin Viking series but could easily be read as a standalone. In it ...Read Review