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Priestess of Ishana (Tesha Series)

By Judith Starkston - Published 2018


Historical Fantasy

In Priestess of Ishana, author Judith Starkston dives into the little-known Bronze Age world and dresses it up with a heavy layer of ...Read Review

Little Boy

By Lawrence Ferlinghetti - Published 2019


Biographical FictionLiterary

How does one review the experimental novel of an author who celebrates his 100th birthday on March 24, 2019, yet continues to take chances with ...Read Review

A Veil Removed: A Henrietta and Inspector Howard Novel

By Michelle Cox - Published 2019



Fourth in the Henrietta and Inspector Howard Series, A Veil Removed returns readers to 1930s Chicago and its posh North Shore suburbs. The ...Read Review

Daughter of the Dales (Windfell Manor Trilogy)

By Diane Allen - Published 2018



The novel opens with the death in 1913 of Charlotte, formidable founder of the successful Atkinsons department stores. The stores are familiar to Allen’...Read Review

A Web of Silk (An Ursula Blanchard Mystery)

By Fiona Buckley - Published 2019



In 1582, Ursula Blanchard receives a summons from Sir Francis Walsingham, spymaster for Queen Elizabeth. As this is book 16 in this popular series, the ...Read Review

Gilded Summers

By Donna Russo Morin - Published 2018


Morin’s Gilded Summers explores two women and their opposite worlds, detailing their unlikely friendship and growth into the people they truly want ...Read Review

Arise Crusader: Book I of the Lotharingian Chronicles

By Val Jensen II - Published 2018



1096 France: young ploughman Anseau of Valois’ rustic but comfortable life is ripped asunder when it becomes known that he loves a local Jewish ...Read Review

Irish Above All: A Novel

By Mary Pat Kelly - Published 2019Published 2019-02-05



The third in Kelly’s own family-based sagas (following Galway Bay and Of Irish Blood), Irish Above All lands 44-year-old photographer Nora Kelly ...Read Review

Season of Grace (Under Northern Skies)

By Lauraine Snelling - Published 2018



1910: Norwegian immigrant Nilda Carson and her brother Ivar are settling into their new life in Minnesota, with their brother Rune and his growing ...Read Review

The Confessions of Frannie Langton

By Sara Collins - Published 2019


It is 1826, and in London, a former Jamaican slave, Frannie Langton, is working as a servant to Mr and Mrs Benham, a highly ...Read Review