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Eli’s Promise: A Novel

By Ronald H. Balson - Published 2020


Eli Rosen is too weak to walk when he is rescued from the Buchenwald concentration camp by U. S. soldiers and reunited with ...Read Review

A British Heiress in America (Revolutionary Women)

By Becky Lower - Published 2020



Lady Philippa (Pippa) Worthington has stowed away on a ship bound for America near the beginning of the American Revolution. Discovered by the ...Read Review


By Alan Clark - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

Born in 1867, cousin of Queen Victoria, and known within royal circles as “May,” Princess Mary of Teck was one of the crop of ...Read Review

Filthy Sugar

By Heather Babcock - Published 2020


It is the 1930s, and Wanda Whittle’s father has passed away. She lives behind the marketplace with her mother and sister and ...Read Review

Prospects of a Woman

By Wendy Voorsanger - Published 2020


Elisabeth Parker and her husband Nate leave Concord, Massachusetts for Gold Rush-era California in search of her estranged father, who the newlyweds hope ...Read Review

The German Client: A Bacci Pagano Investigation

By Bruno Morchio - Published 2020



Many of the features of this suspenseful, hard-boiled Italian noir, set in Genoa in 1944 and the present day, will be familiar to mystery ...Read Review

The Flapper’s Baby Scandal (Sisters of the Roaring Twenties, 2)

By Lauri Robinson - Published 2020



The Dryer sisters’ father has raised them to be sweet, obedient daughters who will someday be sweet, obedient wives to the richest men ...Read Review

Murder in Old Bombay: A Mystery

By Nev March - Published 2020



It’s 1892. As Captain Jim Agnihotri lies in a Bombay hospital slowly recovering from serious injuries, he reads that two young women fell ...Read Review

The Memory House: A Love Story in Two Acts

By Jenetta James - Published 2020


In this multi-period romantic mystery, young Victorian Society miss, Kitty Cathcart, is disenchanted with her lot. Beautiful, witty, and well-off, she appears to ...Read Review

The Hooligans: A Novel (P. T. Deutermann WWII Novels)

By P. T. Deutermann - Published 2020



After Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, Duke Medical School resident Lincoln Andersen gives up his genteel Southern life to enlist in the ...Read Review