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Here Is Not Our Home

By Francis Mallett - Published 2023


From roughly 1880 to 1938, Vienna, Austria, became the home away from home for many composers, painters, writers and thinkers. Some profoundly influenced future generations. ...Read Review

The Book of Thorns

By Hester Fox - Published 2024


Thorns and roses, anger and love. Flowers have long been associated with human emotions, and this novel very adroitly takes these connections and ...Read Review

Heroes: A Novel of Pearl Harbor

By Alan Gratz - Published 2024


Children/Young Adult

Frank and Stanley are the best of friends, living an idyllic life in Hawaii, where their fathers are stationed at the Pearl Harbor ...Read Review

Sparks of Bright Matter

By Leeanne O'Donnell - Published 2024


Historical FantasyLiterary

O’Donnell’s debut is a surreal meditation on medieval science in Georgian London, centering an illustrated and highly sought-after book, the Mutus ...Read Review

His Head on a Platter: Artemisia Gentileschi’s Revenge against Men

By Alan Gold - Published 2023


Seventeen-year-old Artemisia Gentileschi is raped – it’s no secret – and this very young, talented woman’s life is thrown into chaos. Her rapist, ...Read Review

The Secrets We Keep: A Homefront Mystery

By Liz Milliron - Published 2024



This fifth book is a fine continuation of Milliron’s series about PI Betty Ahern and the other women who discover new careers ...Read Review

Dark Days at the Beach Hotel (The Beach Hotel Series, 3)

By Francesca Capaldi - Published 2024



The third book in Capaldi’s saga series, this follows Helen Bygrove, who is managing the hotel now that her difficult husband Douglas ...Read Review

To Love the Brooding Baron (Proper Romance Regency)

By Jentry Flint - Published 2024


Inspirational Romance

London, 1815. Arabella Latham is ‘searching for a spark’ which would signal she has found love. What she does not expect is to find ...Read Review

The Slaughter Stone

By Anna Boyland - Published 2023


Wales, 1389. When William learns of riches buried on an old farmstead once managed by his late father, he seeks tenancy for it. Unfortunately ...Read Review

The Dragons of Deepwood Fen

By Bradley P. Beaulieu - Published 2024


Historical Fantasy

Rylan Holbrooke is a dragon singer. He has a unique talent which allows him to communicate with dragons. Once he has made the ...Read Review