Mississippi Jack

Written by L. A. Meyer
Review by Lisa Ann Verge

Jacky Faber, the irrepressible Napoleonic-era street-urchin-turned-ship’s-boy-turned-fine-lady-turned pirate, is once again in the thick of trouble in this fifth installment of the Bloody Jack Adventures.

Jacky, having been rescued from certain death in the Atlantic Ocean (see In the Belly of the Bloodhound), is soon recognized by her naval heroes as the notorious pirate upon whose head the Crown has placed a generous bounty. She is saved from hanging only by the cleverness of her friends. She escapes to the safety of the frontier, with her fiancé, Jaimy, in hot pursuit. So begins parallel stories, of Jacky getting her hands on a boat, following the waterways to the Mississippi, earning her bread by dancing and fiddling, and picking up new friends and enemies along the way; and Jaimy, the proud British naval officer, learning some painful lessons about the American frontier. Jacky has grown up; she is no longer a scrappy urchin. In this installment, Jaimy becomes the character struggling to survive—by the seat of his pants—in a dangerous world. Not until New Orleans do these long-suffering lovers finally reunite… in the most awkward and uncomfortable way possible.

This series is so brilliantly plotted that in the denouement, several plot threads from the previous volumes converge into one of the most hilarious scenes in the entire series. Mississippi Jack is another winner from L.A. Meyer—long live Jacky Faber! Ages 12 and up.