The Lady of Tarpon Springs

Written by Judith Miller
Review by Viviane Crystal

Zanna Krykos comes from a traditional Greek family that only wants to see her marry a Greek man and have babies. However, Zanna prides herself on making her own choices, an anomaly in the early 1900s when this story takes place. Now she’s got a huge problem. Her friend, Lucy, is a doctor whose father recently passed away and left her with a contract to fulfill, that of letting a Greek manager and his crew come to Florida to begin diving for valuable sponges. There’s no loophole in the contract, and so she agrees to manage the arriving men for her friend. Nico Kalos, the man in charge, treats Zanna like a “know nothing” female, even though she is an accomplished lawyer. There’s also a mystery as to why a couple of men get mortally sick after staying underwater too long. Finally, an interfering businessman seems to bring trouble with him whenever he appears. To reduce the sometimes-irksome, continuous tension in these problems, an intriguing romance heightens Zanna’s life and the reader’s appreciation. The Lady of Tarpon Springs is a nice read related to the actual deep-sea diving for sponges in Florida’s history.