Hero Wanted (Reluctant Heroes)

Written by Betina Krahn
Review by Anne Leighton

Spring 1880. Lauren Alcott and her fiancé, Rafe Townsend, are boating when they see two women drowning. Lauren jumps in and saves them, while Rafe remains behind, fuming at the improper antics of his intended. Lauren brands him a coward and wants to break off their engagement. But their betrothal is a business pact between their fathers, not an affair of the heart.

Lauren is a fan of Sir Walter Scott and his knightly tales. These influence what she wants in a husband: an idealized knight in shining armor. Rafe, however, is a flesh and blood man, with weaknesses and strengths. As the story progresses, they both make surprising discoveries about each other. A delicious romp through the intricacies of Victorian courtship, the plot is at times formulaic. Despite this, the story succeeds in charming the reader. This frothy romance is the first in a series and is escapist fiction at its best. Highly recommended for fans of Victorian romance.