The Second Mrs. Astor

By Shana Abe - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

Madeleine Force was just seventeen in 1910 when she caught the eye of the famously rich, dashing John Jacob Astor, who was more than ...Read Review

Murder at Wakehurst (A Gilded Newport Mystery)

By Alyssa Maxwell - Published 2021



After the death of her uncle, Cornelius Vanderbilt, in 1899, Emma Cross is in mourning and has no desire to accompany her cousin Neily (...Read Review

Murder at Keyhaven Castle (A Stella and Lyndy Mystery)

By Clara McKenna - Published 2021



This is the third book in the Stella and Lyndy mystery series. It is 1905, and American heiress Stella McKendrick is preparing for her ...Read Review

A Fiancée’s Guide to First Wives and Murder (A Countess of Harleigh Mystery)

By Dianne Freeman - Published 2021



Wedding preparations are extravagant and stressful enough in late Victorian London—especially when one is the American widow of an English earl—without ...Read Review

Shoot-Out at Sugar Creek (A Caleb York Western)

By Max Allan Collins - By Mickey Spillane - Published 2021



Gunfighter Caleb York has settled down as the law in a remote frontier town where his reputation is feared and his own sense ...Read Review

Hero Wanted (Reluctant Heroes)

By Betina Krahn - Published 2021



Spring 1880. Lauren Alcott and her fiancé, Rafe Townsend, are boating when they see two women drowning. Lauren jumps in and saves them, while ...Read Review

The Second Life of Mirielle West

By Amanda Skenandore - Published 2021


Los Angeles, 1920. Mirielle West seems to have it all. A movie star husband, parties with the rich and famous, and two wonderful kids. ...Read Review

A Fatal First Night (An Ella Shane Mystery)

By Kathleen Marple Kalb - Published 2021



This is the second book in Kalb’s series of mysteries set in 1890s New York, featuring opera singer Ella Shane, a mezzo-soprano ...Read Review

The Sculptress

By V. S. Alexander - Published 2021


Alexander’s latest novel follows the tradition of Madame Bovary, the psychological novel of love and betrayal by Gustav Flaubert. In The Sculptress, ...Read Review

Murder at Wedgefield Manor (A Jane Wunderly Mystery)

By Erica Ruth Neubauer - Published 2021



Murder at Wedgefield Manor has an intriguing plot reminiscent of Agatha Christie. In 1926, the cast of characters is gathered in a remote English ...Read Review

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