Cold Cache

Written by Tim Champlin
Review by Mirella Patzer

Kent Rasmussen, an officer of the North West Mounted Police, is leaving the force to return home to his mother and sister in Minnesota. While withdrawing his final pay from a bank in Windsor, he encounters Nellie Newburn, who is trying to withdraw the outrageous sum of $347,000. She approaches him and offers to pay him a large sum of money if he will escort her and the money safely home to her family: a lucrative offer he cannot refuse.

As they begin their travels, he learns about the cold cache – a vast sum of money and gold buried somewhere in New Mexico Territory by a group known as the Knights of the Golden Circle, who want the money to fund the creation of a new nation. Knowledge that Jesse James and other outlaws added to treasure with their ill-gotten gains piques Rasmussen’s interest even further. A short while into their journey, much to Rasmussen’s embarrassment, Nellie’s $347,000 is stolen. Rasmussen is soon caught up in the midst of a violent feud between the Claytons and the Newburns for possession of the cache.

This is an excellent novel that abounds with action and suspense.