Five Star

Moonscape (Nellie Burns and Moonshine Mystery)

By Julie Weston - Published 2019



This novel is set in southwestern Idaho in the early years of the 20th century. Featuring photographer Nellie Burns and her dog Moonshine, ...Read Review

Rosary Without Beads

By Diana Holguin-Balogh - Published 2018



With no rosary beads, young Ambrosia Salazar must pray with empty fingers. Ambrosia is a young Catholic girl of Mexican descent living in ...Read Review

Gypsy Rock (Billy Young and Hugo Dorling)

By Robert D. McKee - Published 2018



In 1892, a small group of Gypsies settles near the central Wyoming town of Casper. Deputy U.S. Marshal Hugo Dorling and his sidekick, ...Read Review

Hard Ride Across Texas

By Michael Zimmer - Published 2018



Gage Pardell, at nineteen, is out looking for revenge for Henry Kalb’s attempt to molest his sister at a local dance in ...Read Review

The Young Desperados: An Ivory and Albert Novel

By Bill Brooks - Published 2018


Children/Young AdultWestern

Bosom buddies Ivory and Albert are teenaged cowpokes with a problem: their murdered friend Gus needs a casket. Preferably one with a little ...Read Review

Miss Royal’s Mules (Nickel Hill)

By Irene Bennett Brown - Published 2018



Book one in Ms. Brown’s Nickel Hill Series sets the stage for an exciting and interesting series set in Kansas in the ...Read Review

Born to the Badge (Wyatt Earp: An American Odyssey)

By Mark Warren - Published 2018


Biographical FictionWestern

The Kansas years forged Wyatt Earp’s career as a lawman, though it took a while for the idea to overcome his daydreams ...Read Review

The Avenging Angels

By Michael Dukes - Published 2018



After the Civil War, former Confederate Captain Gabriel Kings is leader of a gang of outlaws known as the Avenging Angels. They rob ...Read Review

Love’s Last Stand

By S. B. Moores - Published 2018



Unable to marry Abby, the girl he loves, young Justin Sterling leaves his home in the Ridgetop Valley of Tennessee in the 1830s ...Read Review

The Trading Post and Other Frontier Stories

By Hazel I. Rumney (ed.) - Published 2018


Short StoriesWestern

This anthology contains fourteen short traditional Western and American frontier stories, selected and edited by Hazel Rumney, set up to the early 1900s ...Read Review

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