By Starlight

Written by Dorothy Garlock
Review by Beth Turza

This story takes place during the Great Depression in the small town of Colton, Montana. The speakeasy in the basement of Maddy Aldridge’s family mercantile store is far from the mobs of Chicago, but close enough to be touched by them. She is not aware how dangerous her business partner, Jeffers, and his minion really are, and what physical dangers lie ahead for her. Maddy knows that running the illegal bar is wrong, but it is the only way that she can think of to save the store without her ailing father finding out how close he is to losing his business. The return of Maddy’s first love, Jack Rucker, after seven years of silence throws her heart into turmoil, and his as well when he discovers that she is a partner in the illegal operation. The reader knows that Jack has returned on assignment to locate and shut down the town’s speakeasy, arresting all those involved in it, and we watch his struggle to do his job, while he also struggles with his heart.

This light read is not only a tale of danger, trust, forgiveness, and love, but it is also a lovely peek into the America of 1931. The small town characters are nicely portrayed, the bad guys, busy bodies, and the all-too-frequent drinkers play well with the star-crossed lovers. It is a nice book to take along on vacation and time travel.