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Shadow Child

By Rahna Reiko Rizzuto - Published 2018



Lillie and her daughters Hana and Kei have spent their entire lives trying to rise above disaster. Their story begins in the early 1970...Read Review

The Nearness of You

By Dorothy Garlock - Published 2017


Set in 1952 in the fictional town of Hooper’s Crossing, New York, the story centers upon a young, sheltered librarian, Lily Denton, who ...Read Review

We Were Strangers Once

By Betsy Carter - Published 2017


This is a gorgeous, heartbreaking book. In the current political climate, I’ve had a difficult time reading WWII-era fiction, as there are ...Read Review

Mr. Rochester

By Sarah Shoemaker - Published 2017


In the early 1800s, young Edward Rochester roams the estate of Thornfield Hall, his beloved home. His father is aloof, his mother dead, ...Read Review


By Min Jin Lee - Published 2017



An ambitious multigenerational family saga evocative of Pearl S. Buck’s The Good Earth, Lee’s second novel, Pachinko, is engaging, complex, and ...Read Review

The Orphan Mother

By Robert Hicks - Published 2016


Author Hicks has returned to his The Widow of the South (2005) territory in this story of Carrie McGavock’s former slave, Mariah Reddick. ...Read Review

The Smoke Hunter

By Jacquelyn Benson - Published 2016



In 1898, archivist Ellie Mallory defies convention by holding a college degree, a job, and a fierce independence. One day at work, she stumbles ...Read Review

Sunday Kind of Love

By Dorothy Garlock - Published 2016


The empress of small-town Americana novels is back with Sunday Kind of Love. Gwen Foster is living in 1950s Chicago with her lawyer ...Read Review


By Julian Fellowes - Published 2016



When Anne Trenchard, wife of a successful businessman, reveals a long-guarded secret to haughty and scornful Lady Brockenhurst, a chain of events ensues ...Read Review

A Place Called Winter

By Patrick Gale - Published 2015Published 2016


Loosely based on the experiences of the author’s great-grandfather, A Place Called Winter is an evocative tale of a timid man grappling ...Read Review

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