Beyond the Horizons

Written by Douglas Boren
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

The Civil War is raging in the West. Mace Alexander of Tennessee, along with his three friends, is faced with fighting the Union army at Wilson Creek, Valverde, and finally, Glorieta Pass. Mace and his friend, Tom Lipton, are captured by the Union and remain incarcerated in a Yankee prison until 1864. They are given the chance to join the Union army to fight the Apaches, thereby obtaining an early release. Mace takes the offer and remains with the cavalry even after the war ends.

Mace marries a Spanish beauty, Angelina, whose family owns a ranch near the fort where he is stationed. He is looking forward to life after the army, but everything changes when renegade Apaches, led by Chactoke, commit a horrible act.

This historical novel based on factual events is subtitled “Part of the Alexander Family Chronicles.” The stories of Mace Alexander’s ancestors are covered in two of the author’s previous novels. I found the action, especially descriptions of the battles, exciting and vividly described. There were many pages, 56 to be precise, that covered the Apache Wars and had little to do with the main character, except for the development of Chactoke. This occurred midway through, and I found it distracting. Regardless, I recommend this book for its page-turning pace, the in-depth characterizations of the major characters, and the exciting conclusion. Highly entertaining.