Last Dance in Kabul

By Ken Czech - Published 2018



In 1841 Afghanistan, in the recently captured Kabul Fort, British Captain Reeve Waterton is having a heated discussion with his commanding officer, Brigadier Shelton. ...Read Review

Courage Between Love and Death

By Joseph Pillitteri - Published 2018


After she graduates from nursing school in Buffalo, New York, Elspeth Shaughnessey is delighted to get a job at the Pan American Exposition, ...Read Review

Stone Circle

By Kate Murdoch - Published 2016


Historical Fantasy

In 16th-century Pesaro on the Adriatic coast, Antonius, a young man of common background, is born with an ability to read minds. This ...Read Review

First Voyage

By Anthony Palmiotti - Published 2017



The world is heading for WWII in this adventure set in 1938 on water and in the ports of call of an old tramp ...Read Review

The Irish Milliner

By Cynthia G. Neale - Published 2017


The Irish Milliner is the author’s third novel about protagonist Norah McCabe. Set against the backdrop of the beginning of the Civil ...Read Review


By Kate Braithwaite - Published 2016


Biographical Fiction

The court of King Louis XIV of France was, without doubt, one of the most colorful and scandal-ridden in history. During his reign, ...Read Review

The Long Way Home

By Kevin Bannister - Published 2016


Murphy Steele is not old enough to do a man’s work when he and Thomas Peters run away from their owner. They ...Read Review

The Prophet of Cobb Hollow

By Mingo Kane - Published 2016


Biographical FictionWestern

Reuben Shadrack Judah died in 1955 at the age of 118 in a California mental institution. Born in 1837, he fought in the Civil War, served ...Read Review

The Hungry Horizon: Pirates of the Pacific

By Mike Hawthorne - Published 2016



It’s 1679 in Port Royal, Jamaica. English sailor Tom Sheppard and two of his mates join an expedition to steal Spanish gold and ...Read Review

The Downeaster: Deadly Voyage

By Paul Thomas Fuhrman - Published 2015



It’s 1872 Boston, and a clipper, a downeaster named Providence, is ready to set sail under Captain Isaac Griffin. He is also part-owner, ...Read Review

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