Meet Me in Monaco: A Novel of Grace Kelly’s Royal Wedding

Written by Hazel Gaynor Heather Webb
Review by Viviane Crystal

At the Cannes Film Festival in 1955, Grace Kelly spends most of her time escaping the relentless paparazzi but isn’t good at it. When she runs into a perfume shop, it proves to be a momentous moment for three people: Grace herself, a British photographer named James, and Sophie, the shop owner. Romance blooms from this moment on, for all three of our narrators in this heartwarming story.

Sophie is about to lose her business due to growing debt and her mother’s bad drinking and gambling habits. She dreams of creating a world-changing scent to put her on par with famous parfumiers throughout the world. Her enchantment with nature’s gifts, which enable her to create beautiful scents, is infectious in her descriptions of the earth that yields plants that later become perfume. Readers will be rooting for her to achieve her dream. James is enchanted by Sophie’s beauty but has few opportunities to follow through on his growing desire. He has a failed marriage, failing employment as a photographer, and what he considers failing at being a good father to his young daughter Emily, who worships him. The conflicts proceed with a few pushes of help from Grace, who falls in love with a Prince and knows love elsewhere when she sees it. There are plenty of dangerous scenes and conflict to stymie the growing romances, but true love wins out. Meet Me in Monaco is a grand read of a terrific historical romance!