Richard Bourgeois

The Wicked Wedding of Miss Ellie Vyne

By Jayne Fresina - Published 2013



This Regency romance opens in masquerade: James Hartley, dressed as a notorious highwayman, doesn’t realize the “Marie Antoinette” he kisses is the “...Read Review

The Dark Unwinding

By Sharon Cameron - Published 2012


Children/Young AdultFantasy

Ever since her father died at sea, Katherine Tulman has known her place in the world. She acts as account-keeper for her coldly ...Read Review


By Catherine Masciolo - By Hans Bauer - Published 2012


Children/Young AdultFantasy

Anything can happen in “Catfish Time,” as young Sawyer Brown learns when a monster cat named Ol’ One Eye eats his widowed mother’...Read Review

Ancient Spirits

By Alice Duncan - Published 2012



Daisy Gumm Majesty, sham spirit medium, is an endearing narrator surrounded by quirky characters in this light, funny 1920s adventure. In fact Daisy ...Read Review

Big Breasts & Wide Hips

By Howard Goldblatt (trans.) - By Mo Yan - Published 2004Published 2012



No matter who holds the rifles in China—invading Japanese, nationalist Kuomintang or the Communists—the problem is the same for “Mother”: a ...Read Review

Imperial Scandal

By Teresa Grant - Published 2012



In Brussels fresh from the intrigues of the Congress of Vienna, British agent Malcolm Rannoch and his wife Suzanne investigate a young lady’...Read Review

A Tainted Dawn: The Great War 1792-1815, Book 1

By B.N. Peacock - Published 2012



The beginning of an intended series spanning the Georgian/Regency period (or, si vous préférez, the Revolutionary/Napoleonic), A Tainted Dawn ...Read Review

A Lady’s Revenge

By Tracey Devlyn - Published 2012



Guy Trevelyan and Cora deBeau are childhood friends and British secret agents in the Napoleonic period. Their opposite number, the cruel (and kinky) ...Read Review

The Book of Madness and Cures

By Regina O’Melveny - Published 2012


That this is a book of madness is immediately obvious; Doctor Ernesto Mondini has become unhinged. His final letter arrives in Venice from ...Read Review

Winter in Wartime

By Jan Terlouw - Published 1972 (copyright)Published 2011


Children/Young Adult

By the winter of 1944, Holland has been under German occupation for four and a half years. Sixteen-year-old Michiel has grown up quite a ...Read Review