Richard Bourgeois

A Poet of the Invisible World

By Michael Golding - Published 2015



One expects a boy born with an extra set of ears to be able to hear twice as well; one does not necessarily ...Read Review

Dark River Melody

By M. D. Murphy - Published 2015



Radical pamphleteer Tom Gobey returns to London in 1799 after several years’ imprisonment at Botany Bay. His ardor for revolution may have cooled, but ...Read Review

Close to the Sun

By Donald Michael Platt - Published 2014



This novel of World War II follows the careers of three fighter pilots, two American and one German. Each man is in love ...Read Review

Shall We Not Revenge

By D.M. Pirrone - Published 2014



Chicago is still recovering from the Great Fire of 1872 when detective Frank Hanley is assigned to investigate the brutal murder of a rabbi. ...Read Review

Vengeance Is Mine

By Reavis Z. Wortham - Published 2014



Center Springs is a small Texas town stuffed with quaint characters, ably served by lawman Ned Parker. In this fourth installment of the ...Read Review

The Sun is God

By Adrian McKinty - Published 2014



Following a horrific massacre of African civilians, military policeman William Prior has had quite enough of the world. He contrives to get himself ...Read Review

Electric City

By Elizabeth Rosner - Published 2014


Electric City sits near the junction of the Mohawk and Hudson rivers, home to a vast manufacturing plant whose familiar cursive logo glows ...Read Review

Moon Queen

By Katharine Branning - Published 2014


13th century Turkey: The Sultana Mahperi was born Maryam, and given in marriage as a peace concession from her father, the conquered king ...Read Review

Hour of the Innocents

By Robert Paston - Published 2014


The Innocents are a rock band from Pennsylvania coal country, desperate to escape the black-lung soot for the big time. They used to ...Read Review

Ragtime Cowboys

By Loren D. Estleman - Published 2014



In 1921, Charlie Siringo is past his prime, living under a leaky roof and writing books about the days he rode with the Earp ...Read Review

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