Richard Bourgeois

Southern Gods

By John Hornor Jacobs - Published 2011


Historical FantasyThriller

Pacific war veteran “Bull” Ingram is big, coldly competent, and quick to break a deadbeat’s fingers. Just the man a Memphis DJ ...Read Review

The Doctor and the Kid

By Mike Resnick - Published 2011


AdventureHistorical FantasyWestern

In Mike Resnick’s last “Weird West” book The Buntline Special, Doc Holliday survived the battle at the OK Corral and “killed” an ...Read Review

The Ionia Sanction

By Gary Corby - Published 2011



Athens, 5th century B.C.: Nicolaos is an investigator for hire, which is not so strange considering this is the city that invented ...Read Review

They Also Serve

By Hilary Green - Published 2007


This is the second instalment of an epic war time saga which began with Now is the Hour. It picks up where the ...Read Review

The Advocate

By Bill A. Mesce Jr. - Published 2000



This is a military mystery set in WWII England: the mystery concerns the shooting down of an American Airforce fighter by two other ...Read Review