Richard Bourgeois

Jet Set

By William Stadiem - Published 2014



To a contemporary traveler squeezed into the center seat of an Airbus A380, air travel in the 1960s was all about glamor: men ...Read Review

Killing Ground

By Douglas Reeman - Published 2014



Destroyer HMS Gladiator patrols the Western Sea in 1942–43, protecting convoys from packs of German U-boats. She is not entirely successful. The torpedoes always ...Read Review

Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932

By Francine Prose - Published 2014



Even the best photograph is no more than an instant in time. For Louisianne “Lou” Villars, the photograph that gives the novel its ...Read Review

Night in Shanghai

By Nicole Mones - Published 2014


Shanghai in 1936 is an open city, strictly controlled yet in its own way lawless. Several foreign powers rule their own quarters; only Chinese ...Read Review

The Memory of Scent

By Lisa Burkitt - Published 2013Published c2012



Fleur and Babette, two women in 1883 Paris, move in the same circles of the Impressionist movement but with very different results. Their lives ...Read Review

The Forbidden

By F. R. Tallis - Published 2012Published 2014



In 1873, on a French island colony, Paul Clément witnesses the ritual murder of a young man who has apparently risen from the ...Read Review

Vienna Nocturne

By Vivien Shotwell - Published 2014


Anna Storace comes to the opera stage in Naples as “L’inglesina,” a 15-year-old prodigy overshadowed by the native Italian singers. Six years ...Read Review


By Diana Davidson - Published 2013


Set in 1891 in Lac St. Anne, Alberta, Canada, Pilgrimage is the story of four people trying to find love and happiness in a ...Read Review

The Lion and the Rose

By Kate Quinn - Published 2014


In this sequel to The Serpent and the Pearl, Kate Quinn dives back into the dangerous world of 15th-century Rome and the scheming ...Read Review

The Bones of Paris

By Laurie R. King - Published 2013Published 2014



Oh, to have been a private dick in 1929 Paris! American expatriate and ex-Federal investigator Harris Stuyvesant is on the rapidly cooling trail of ...Read Review