A Lady’s Revenge

Written by Tracey Devlyn
Review by Richard Bourgeois

Guy Trevelyan and Cora deBeau are childhood friends and British secret agents in the Napoleonic period. Their opposite number, the cruel (and kinky) French agent Valère, captures Cora and tortures her without mercy until Guy mounts a rescue. Guy and Cora fall hopelessly in love as he helps her put mind and body back together—but ruthless, relentless Valère will stop at nothing to recapture his English prize once and for all.

Despite a promising premise this novel fails both as a historical work and as a romance. Period details are few and indistinct, and characters frequently lapse into modern colloquialisms. Gratuitous touches like the heroine practicing tai chi in trousered nightwear don’t help either… isn’t it possible to write a strong historical female without also making her a time traveler?

And while lust abounds, the passion is lacking. Through Cora’s eyes Guy is little more than a conveniently musk-scented slab of meat. Guy’s thoughts toward vulnerable, damaged Cora approach sweetness at times, until bang! There goes that bulge in his breeches again. I wish the author could have shown us just how Guy and Cora complete one other, soul to soul, and then give us the naughty bits.