Headline (UK)

A Secret Alchemy

By Emma Darwin - Published 2008 (UK)Published 2009 (US)



A Secret Alchemy is a book of three parts and three voices. First there is Una Pryor, brought up, after the death of ...Read Review

The Diamond Frontier

By John Wilcox - Published 2007



In 1880, in the South African province of the Transvaal, Simon Fonthill and his sidekick “352” Jenkins are on a mission to save the kidnapped ...Read Review

Red River

By Lalita Tademy - Published 2006 (UK)Published 2007 (US)



“This is not a story to go down easy, and the backwash still got hold of us today. The history of a family. ...Read Review

The Mathematics Of Love

By Emma Darwin - Published 2006


1819: Waterloo veteran Stephen Fairhurst has lost his leg and his true love to war. Returning to England, he is devastated to find that ...Read Review

Master of Souls

By Peter Tremayne - Published 2005 (UK)Published 2006 (US)



This is the 16th mystery for Sister Fidelma. On a bitter winter’s night, a ship is driven by wreckers onto a rocky ...Read Review

Dark Assassin

By Anne Perry - Published 2006



While on boat patrol with the Thames River Police, Inspector William Monk watches helplessly as Mary Havilland falls to her death off Waterloo ...Read Review

The Lost Art Of Keeping Secrets

By Eva Rice - Published 2005 (UK)Published 2006 (US)


Rice, daughter of lyricist Tim Rice, has created a brilliant portrait of post-World War II London and of a specific sort of set, ...Read Review

Born To Rule

By Julia Gelardi - Published 2005 (UK)Published 2006 (US)



This biography chronicles the tumultuous lives of the five granddaughters of Queen Victoria who became consorts to European ruling monarchs. Maud, Edward VII’...Read Review

The Plague Lord

By Paul Doherty - Published 2002


Biographical FictionThriller

In 1322 Venice, elderly adventurer Marco Polo lies on his deathbed, remembering that dangerous time when he served as principal magistrate of the city ...Read Review

No Graves As Yet

By Anne Perry - Published 2003Published 2003 (UK)



The prolific Perry does it again – here, with the first instalment of an anticipated five book series focusing on a British family in 1914 ...Read Review