2005 (UK)

To the Ends of the Earth: A Sea Trilogy

By William Golding - Published 2005 (UK)Published 2006 (US)



Rites of Passage, the first novel of this trilogy, won the Booker Prize; Golding is also a Nobel laureate, a master of language, ...Read Review

The Thief Taker

By Janet Gleeson - Published 2005 (UK)Published 2006 (UK)



After the death of her husband, Agnes Meadowes obtains employment as a cook. Working in London for the Blanchards, a family of once ...Read Review

The Truth of the Matter

By Robb Forman Dew - Published 2005 (UK)


The Truth of the Matter continues the story of the Scofield family of Washburn, Ohio, whom we first met in The Evidence Against ...Read Review

Richard Temple

By Patrick O'Brian - Published 2005 (UK)Published 2006 (US)


The novel opens with the protagonist, Richard Temple, enduring repeated sessions of torture at the hands of Nazi interrogators. It is the Second ...Read Review

The Lost Art Of Keeping Secrets

By Eva Rice - Published 2005 (UK)Published 2006 (US)


Rice, daughter of lyricist Tim Rice, has created a brilliant portrait of post-World War II London and of a specific sort of set, ...Read Review

Yankee Girl

By Mary Ann Rodman - Published 2004 (US)Published 2005 (UK)


Children/Young Adult

Yankee Girl is about a young American girl, Alice, who has just moved to Mississippi from her home in Chicago. At the time ...Read Review

Born To Rule

By Julia Gelardi - Published 2005 (UK)Published 2006 (US)



This biography chronicles the tumultuous lives of the five granddaughters of Queen Victoria who became consorts to European ruling monarchs. Maud, Edward VII’...Read Review

Master of Souls

By Peter Tremayne - Published 2005 (UK)Published 2006 (US)



This is the 16th mystery for Sister Fidelma. On a bitter winter’s night, a ship is driven by wreckers onto a rocky ...Read Review

The Bishop’s Tale

By Margaret Frazer - Published 1994 (US)Published 2005 (UK)



England, 1434. Thomas Chaucer is dying. Administering to his needs is his cousin, Cardinal Bishop Beaufort of Winchester. Thomas dies and the family gathers ...Read Review

Arthur and George

By Julian Barnes - Published 2005 (UK)Published 2006 (US)



I should perhaps point out that as Julian Barnes is one of my favourite contemporary prose writers, I approached his new novel in ...Read Review