2006 (UK)

Fallen Skies

By Philippa Gregory - Published 2006 (UK)Published 2008 (US)


Still in her teens in 1920, Lily Valance is embarking on a promising stage career as a singer. She is exceptionally beautiful and captivates ...Read Review

Shadows and Lies

By Marjorie Eccles - Published 2006 (UK)Published 2007 (US)



This mystery begins in 1909 when a woman called Hannah Smith is badly injured in a London omnibus accident and suffers a loss of ...Read Review

The Island

By Victoria Hislop - Published 2006 (UK)Published 2007 (US)


As London-born Alexis Fielding, a modern-day college graduate, explores her past, she is drawn to visit a former Greek leper colony. This storyline, ...Read Review

The Highwayman’s Footsteps

By Nicola Morgan - Published 2006 (UK)Published 2007 (US)


Children/Young Adult

Inspired by the famous poem by Alfred Noyes, ‘The Highwayman’, this novel is about a young upper-class boy, William de Lacey, who runs ...Read Review

The Blooding of Jack Absolute

By C.C. Humphreys - Published 2006 (UK)Published 2007 (US)



The Blooding of Jack Absolute, a prequel to the previously-published Jack Absolute, chronicles the bawdy and eventful youth of the inexhaustible main character, ...Read Review

The Mapmaker’s Opera

By Béa Gonzalez - Published 2006 (UK)Published 2007 (US)



Praise for Béa Gonzalez’ The Mapmaker’s Opera abounds, with many critics and other reviewers comparing the author’s work to that ...Read Review

The Sister: A Novel of Emily Dickinson

By Paola Kaufmann (trans. William Rowlandson) - Published 2006 (UK)Published 2007 (US)


Biographical Fiction

So little is known about Emily Dickinson that studies of her poetry provide the major insight into the recluse of Amherst, Massachusetts. Such ...Read Review

Troy: Shield of Thunder

By David Gemmell - Published 2006 (UK)Published 2007 (US)



Plain-faced Helen sits behind the walls of Troy, married to Paris but never to Menelaus; Andromache loves another but is betrothed to Hektor, ...Read Review

A Respectable Trade

By Philippa Gregory - Published 2006 (UK)Published 2007 (US)



Fans of Gregory’s phenomenally successful Tudor novels will encounter a more somber, pensive writer in A Respectable Trade. Re-issued by Touchstone, this ...Read Review


By Julian Stockwin - Published 2006 (UK)Published 2007 (US)



It is the late 18th century, and Britain is at war with the French. At the start of the novel, Thomas Kydd is ...Read Review