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A Woman’s Choice

By Annie Thomas - Published 2013



It is the start of the twentieth century, and a new era is about to begin. An emigration ship is about to leave ...Read Review

Wolves in Armour

By Iain Campbell - Published 2012



This is the first book of the author’s Norman Conquest trilogy. It tells the story of a young Norman noble, Sir Alan ...Read Review

The Worst Of Lies

By Sandra-Jane Goddard - Published 2012



This historical novel opens in 1829 and is the first in the series ‘The Strong’s (family) of Summerleas Farm’.  When seventeen year-old Mary ...Read Review

Bow Tie: The First Manuscript of the Richards’ Trust

By W. J. Cherf - Published 2012



The historical parts of Cherf’s book centre on the Egypt of the Pharaohs, however much of the plot is interwoven with the ...Read Review

I Took Panama: The Story of Philippe Bunau-Varilla

By Rodolfo M. Leiton - Published 2012


The star of Leiton’s taut, unassuming short novel is French Colonel Philippe-Jean Bunau-Varilla, a pivotal figure not only in the planning and ...Read Review

A Love of Adventure

By Joan Druett - Published 2102



In this 19th-century romance, Druett writes with a keen sense of irony. For example, in the midst of a storm around Cape Horn, ...Read Review

Belleme, the Norman Warrior

By Roy Stedhall Humphryes - Published 2012



Belleme follows the life of a soldier-politician who is a prominent player in English politics in the wake of the Norman Conquest. Robert ...Read Review

Barbara’s War

By F J Miller - Published 2012



This novel begins in Hastings at the beginning of WWII and is based around the main character, Barbara Sinclair. Barbara’s start in ...Read Review

Eleanor of Aquitaine: The Journey East

By Mark Richard Beaulieu - Published 2012


Biographical Fiction

Mark Richard Beaulieu’s ongoing series of historical novels about that much-storied historical figure, Eleanor of Aquitaine, continues in The Journey East.   This ...Read Review