A Woman’s Choice

Written by Annie Thomas
Review by Liz Bryan

It is the start of the twentieth century, and a new era is about to begin. An emigration ship is about to leave Liverpool, and twelve-year-old Clara stands on the edge of uncertainty and a new life in America, with new friends, fellow travellers, Luke, Michael and Meg. Together, they form a bond that will sustain them through the ups and downs of their  new life in a new and strange  land.

Set in New York during the early 1900s, this is Clara’s story: the people she meets, the difficulties, the dreams she faces in her journey through life, via tenements and sweatshops to the excitement of the theatre. But she is to discover that  happiness is not a thing that can be bought and she is faced with a life-changing choice; dreams and ambitions are not easy things to follow, and making choices can be even harder.

Sweeping on to the chaos of The Great War in Europe, Clara realises that public events do not respect personal lives, and relationships are not always happy-ever-after endings.

I enjoyed this saga of early Twenties life, finding myself caught up in Clara’s friendships, loves, disappointments and frustrations. I was rooting for her one minute, wanted to shake her the next; for saga lovers, this is well recommended.