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By John Caviglia - Published 2013



Cavigilia’s sprawling, utterly absorbing historical fiction debut is set the world of 16th-century freebooter Pedro de Valdivia, who sailed south from Peru ...Read Review

Pyotr Ilyich

By Adin Dalton - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

The tempestuous and controversial life and career of great Russian composer Tchaikovsky is the subject of Dalton’s long and ambitious new novel, ...Read Review

The Kashmiri Shawl

By Joanne Dobson - Published 2014


Dobson, the author of a well-regarded series of murder mysteries, turns to historical fiction in her latest book, the action of which is ...Read Review

Her Promised Road

By Efrat Israeli - Published 2014


“I love [America] for all her great strides and aspirations,” says Devorah Abramson, the central character in Efrat Israeli’s new novel Her ...Read Review

The Winship Family: Book One (Father and Son)

By Michael J. McCarthy - Published 2013



McCarthy’s trilogy spans virtually the entire course of the Victorian British empire, as young Seamus Tobin is adopted into the wealthy and ...Read Review

Timber Rose

By J. L. Oakley - Published 2013



L. Oakley’s Timber Rose is set in the earliest years of the 20th century and follows the life and adventures of Caroline ...Read Review

That Nation Might Live

By Jeff Oppenheimer - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

Jeff Oppenheimer’s historical fiction debut takes the form of a “deposition” made by Abraham Lincoln’s best friend and erstwhile law partner, ...Read Review

The Indios

By Gloria Javillonar Palileo - Published 2014


At the heart of Palileo’s debut novel is the beginning of the struggle for Philippine independence from Spanish rule, and the narrative ...Read Review

Love Abideth Still

By Scott R. Rezer - Published 2013



The American Civil War is raging in the background of the Scott Rezer’s novel Love Abideth Still when Sarah, his main character, ...Read Review

The Captive Queen: A Novel of Mary Stuart

By Danny Saunders - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

In his historical fiction debut, Danny Saunders takes his readers to 16th-century Scotland and the storied reign of Mary Queen of Scots as ...Read Review