Allen & Unwin

Dreaming the Enemy

By David Metzenthen - Published 2016


Children/Young Adult

Dreaming the Enemy starts when 19-year-old Johnny Shoebridge, an Australian country boy from a hard-working, traditional community, returns from Vietnam. A damaged soul, ...Read Review

Maggie’s Kitchen

By Caroline Beecham - Published 2016


In London during World War Two, Maggie Johnson opens one of the many British Restaurants, an initiative of the Ministry of Food to ...Read Review

The Pearl-Shell Diver: A Story of Adventure from the Torres Strait

By Kay Crabbe - Published 2016


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

It is 1898, and 13-year-old Sario lives on an island in the Torres Strait between New Guinea and Australia. His family dive for bê...Read Review

Harry Mac

By Russell Eldridge - Published 2016


South Africa is an exciting, dangerous place to live in the 1960s. Tom’s Dad is Harry Mac, a journalist using his pen ...Read Review

Racing the Moon

By Michelle Morgan - Published 2015


Children/Young Adult

It’s 1931 and Joe Riley, ‘on the wrong side of thirteen’, lives in Sydney, Australia. It’s the Depression, and Joe has a ...Read Review

The Railwayman’s Wife

By Ashley Hay - Published 2014Published 2016


Anikka (Ani) Lachlan is the title character in this novel, which is set after World War II in Thirroul, a coastal town outside ...Read Review

Half the World in Winter

By Maggie Joel - Published 2015


Set in 1880, the novel begins with a train accident in which three people are killed. The life of bereaved father Thomas Brinklow becomes ...Read Review


By Tim Griffiths - Published 2015


Photographer Frank Hurley needs little introduction to anyone fascinated with early 20th century Antarctic exploration, or who has ever been moved by his ...Read Review

Palace of Tears

By Julian Leatherdale - Published 2015



Adam Fox is owner of the Palace, an exclusive resort hotel in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. In 1914, his only son ...Read Review

Betsy and the Emperor

By Anne Whitehead - Published 2015



The tagline on the Australian edition, “The true story of Napoleon, a pretty girl, a Regency rake and an Australian colonial misadventure”, puts ...Read Review