Kirsty Manning

The Paris Mystery (Charlie James Mystery)

By Kirsty Manning - Published 2023



Charlie James is a journalist and, in a surprising twist for her new boss at the Paris desk of The Times, a woman. ...Read Review

The French Gift: A Novel of World War II Paris

By Kirsty Manning - Published 2021


This multi-period historical mystery centers on the relationship of a famous French author and resistance fighter, Joséphine Murant, and Margot Bisset, a ...Read Review

The Lost Jewels

By Kirsty Manning - Published 2020


Jewelry historian Kate Kirby is asked to research and report on Cheapside Jewels, a bundle of precious gems that were unearthed after being ...Read Review

The Song of the Jade Lily

By Kirsty Manning - Published 2019


Flipping back and forth between World War II times and present day, The Song of the Jade Lily is a moving story of ...Read Review

The Jade Lily

By Kirsty Manning - Published 2018


The Jade Lily is a multi-period, inter-generational novel set in the World War Two era and the present day. In her second novel, ...Read Review