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Eleanor’s Secret

By Caroline Beecham - Published 2018


Eleanor’s Secret is British born, Sydney-based writer, Caroline Beecham’s second novel. Her first novel, Maggie’s Kitchen, is the story of ...Read Review


By Mike Dumbleton - Published 2018


Children/Young Adult

This beautifully-produced picture book tells its story in single sentences and subtle watercolour illustrations. The brief texts are interspersed with one line of ...Read Review

The Lost Pages

By Marija Pericic - Published 2018


Biographical FictionLiterary

Famous for his disregard of Kafka’s last request to burn his papers, Max Brod published The Trial, The Castle and Amerika—works ...Read Review

The Jade Lily

By Kirsty Manning - Published 2018


The Jade Lily is a multi-period, inter-generational novel set in the World War Two era and the present day. In her second novel, ...Read Review

The Family with Two Front Doors

By Anna Ciddor - Published 2018


Children/Young Adult

The reader is ushered into a home with the smells of baked bread and tasty home cooking. The Rabinovitch family is busy and ...Read Review

Into the White: Scott’s Antarctic Odyssey

By Joanna Grochowicz - By Sarah Lippett (illus.) - Published 2017


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

A first novel, and based on the true and well-known story of Scott’s ill-fated expedition to the South Pole in 1911-12, this ...Read Review

Codename Suzette: An Extraordinary Story of Resistance and Rescue in Nazi Paris

By Anne Nelson - Published 2018



This book is both uplifting and horrifying. It charts the occupation of Paris by the Nazis in WW2 and their persecution of the ...Read Review

Miss Muriel Matters: The Fearless Suffragist Who Fought for Equality

By Robert Wainwright - Published 2017



The history of the Woman’s Suffrage movement is dominated by a handful of well-known names. Wainwright’s excellent biography adds a new ...Read Review

The Opal Dragonfly

By Julian Leatherdale - Published 2018



Set in Sydney, Australia in the mid-1800s, The Opal Dragonfly recounts the financial and social descent of a wealthy, privileged family. Described ...Read Review

The Passengers

By Eleanor Limprecht - Published 2018



The Passengers is an intergenerational historical novel set in both the tail end of World War Two and the present day. It is ...Read Review

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