The Tea Gardens

By Fiona McIntosh - Published 2021


It is one thing to write a historical novel but quite another to present that story in language so naturally redolent with airs ...Read Review

The Graves of Whitechapel

By Claire Evans - Published 2021



Whitechapel, London in the winter of 1882. Cage (Micajah) Lackmann is a young-ish barrister, charming, handsome and a poet to boot, who ostensibly makes ...Read Review

St. Louis Sam and the Desperados

By Pinkie Paranya - Published 2021



Across a salsa-red cover, three cowboy silhouettes ride into the sunset. It’s impossible not to smile at them, and equally impossible not ...Read Review

Founding Sheriff (Five Star Western: High Mountain Sheriffs)

By Edward Massey - Published 2021



In 1865, Luke Simms is the sheriff in Coalville, located in Summit County of Utah Territory. At a nearby ranch, Fisk Scales murders his ...Read Review

People Like Us

By Louise Fein - Published 2021


At one level this is a timeless story of star-crossed lovers.  A young couple defy the conventions of the adult world and are ...Read Review

The Paris Library

By Janet Skeslien Charles - Published 2021


Charles frames her dual narrative with the voices of Odile, a young woman working at the American Library in Paris (ALP) from the ...Read Review

The Good Doctor of Warsaw

By Elisabeth Gifford - Published 2017Published 2021


This gripping true love story about a young Polish Jewish couple is set in Nazi-occupied Warsaw. Misha and Sophia meet at a lecture ...Read Review